Mr. Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality called for investment at Uludağ Economy Summit

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Historical Peninsula offers great opportunities, we invite everybody to make investment

“Uludağ Economy Summit” organized by the magazines Capital and Ekonomist for the fourth time started. Fatih Municipality which contributed to the Summit by hosting Jared Cohen, CEO of Google Ideas informed the business world about the investment opportunities in the region.

Explaining, for the first time, the Transformation Model of Eminönü Region, which is located in the borders of Fatih Region and planned to “shape the future” of “Historical Peninsula”, at Uludağ Economy Summit, Mr. Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality said: “I invite all businessmen to make investment in Historical Peninsula under this Project. You are our leading stakeholders in this process and we would like to achieve this transformation together. As local administration, we are ready to undertake the responsibility of our own part. We will achieve this transformation that will pave the way for the investors and transfer our Peninsula to the future together”.

“Historical Peninsula: Attraction Centre of Istanbul”

Expressing that Fatih Region is located in a highly valuable area including the historical peninsula, the attraction centre of Istanbul, Mr. Demir stated: “This region is the historical, commercial and touristic centre of our country. Here is the first point visited by tourists in Istanbul to which 10 million people travel every year. The Peninsula hosting ten thousands of historical artefacts is visited by more than 8 million foreign tourists every year. Due to its trade volume, the Peninsula whose night population is 430 thousand has a day population of 2 million. Grand Bazaar, one of its valuable treasures, is apple of the world’s eye. With its all values, the Historical Peninsula plays an important role in development of tourism in Istanbul.”

“We will transfer this historical treasure to the future by a system maintaining its value”

Stating that they developed a “Transformation Project Model” for Eminönü Region by examining a great number of cities for 11 years and discussing with city experts and academicians, Mr Mustafa Demir highlighted their main objective to protect the existing history and value, decrease the density and stop unplanned urbanization while searching for a proper model.

“The Region shall be transformed into an attraction centre”

Mustafa Demir drew the attention to the fact that the current historical public houses in the Historical Peninsula will be restored and transformed into tourism facilities and the buildings which were constructed in accordance with the old master plans under unplanned urbanization and have no historical quality will be demolished and they will be transformed into pension, restaurant etc. by being constructed again in line with the new master plan. Highlighting the importance of local administration regulations to be realized under the leadership of Fatih Municipality, Mr. Mustafa Demir expressed: “Thus, the Historical Peninsula will be transformed into an attraction centre when its advantages resulting from its historical, social, geographic and structural qualities are benefited and these advantages spread across whole region”.

Mr. Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality gave the following information on “Transformation Model of Eminönü Region”:

  • *Our Transformation Model approved by the Municipal Council this day last week will protect the historical artefacts in the region and allow for transferring them to the next generations and also renew the unplanned buildings constructed in the past, in line with the contemporary master plans,
  • *Most of buildings located in the Historical Peninsula are historical and old. Unless they are granted a function that will transfer them to the future, these buildings considered as the genes of city might be lost. This region also includes many unplanned buildings constructed according to old master plans.
  • *Despite all these disadvantages, the fact that the region is a significant tourism and trade centre offers great opportunities to the region for allowing for transformation.
  • *However, this tourism value has been limited to a certain part of region so far. While a street has gained a bright structure by the investments, the street behind it is a wreckage.
  • *On other side, due to insufficiency of existing hotels and pensions etc. in terms of their room capacities, the region seems abandoned at nights.
  • *Through removing this unfair and asymmetrical structure and spreading the potential value across Eminönü Region, we will be able to achieve the transformation without needing public funds.