Mayor Demir Put A Smile on Miners' Children

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 09.06.2015
Feeling sorry for the students who cried because they failed to win the bicycle prize in the competition organized in Zonguldak Miners Primary School, Istanbul Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir gave 85 bicycles as a gift to all the children in the school.

Influenced by the sadness felt by the students who failed to win the bicycle award in the poetry and composition event organized in the Miners Primary School, a majority of whom are miners' children, in Zonguldak province, Kilimli district, Istanbul Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir granted bicycles to all the students in the school.

A couple of days ago a poetry and composition event named "Coal's Diamond Form" was organized in Zonguldak. Students who won the competition were awarded bicycles. However, students who failed to win began to cry and this was largely echoed in the national media. Seeing the news, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir was touched and he presented bicycles to all the students in the school. Shipped from Istanbul to Zonguldak, the bicycles were distributed to students of the Miners Primary School.

District Director of National Education Ayhan Yılmaz said the sensitivity of the authorities of Fatih Municipality made the students very happy. Mentioning that the power of the media should not be underestimated, "We see once again how strong the media is. I'd like to thank to the press members on behalf of my students" he said.
Sefer Akkuş, Manager of the Miners Primary School mentioned that the sadness of students who failed to win the event affected them as well. "Some of our students crying because they couldn't win the prize made us feel sad as well as it did the Mayor Demir, who was deeply sorry for that. Mayor Demir put a smile on the students' face with his gift" he said.

Crying because of failing to win the competition, Little Miraç Hamza Yılmaz, 8 year old was also given a bicycle for the first time in his life. "Today we were also granted bicycles. Therefore I'm very happy. I've had a bicycle for the first time" he said.
Nurhan Yılmaz, mother of Miraç Hamza Yılmaz said that her son Miraç was very sorry for not winning the event and cried when he came home. Thanking to those who granted the aid, Nurhan Yılmaz said "My son crying eventually contributed to everyone. May God be with those who contributed to it" Mentioning that she lost her miner husband 4 years ago owing to lung cancer, she said "I look after my kids. Our financial status is bad. My son never had a bicycle because of financial issues. He felt very sad when he saw bicycles were distributed in the event. He really wanted to have one". Being very happy for the distribution of bicycles, little students enjoyed their new bicycles.