Ramadan in Fatih is Something Else

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 17.06.2015
Ramadan in Fatih is something else, something more meaningful. Fatih Municipality keeps enshrining in hearts through iftar tables and activities organized during Ramadan.

Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir who has firstly started the ‘iftar on the street’ culture in Turkey at 2005 will break his first fast together with thousands of people on enormous iftar table laid in Sultanahmet Square.

First iftar in Fatih will be carried out with participation of Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir and with enormous iftar table of 12,000 of people laid in Sultanahmet Square following the real artillery shooting handed from mechanized infantry brigade.

Food packets will also be offered to those who want to break their first fast of Ramadan in Oruç Baba shrine.

Fatih Municipality will lay iftar tables in a different neighborhood each day, as it does every year.

Fatih Municipality will also lay iftar tables for patient relatives stayed in biggest hospitals of Turkey such as Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, Cerrahpaşa Hospital, Bezmialem Foundation Hospital and Çapa Hospital.

Lemonades will be offered in a different mosque every day following the taraweeh prayer, and lemonades and Turkish delights will be offered in Fatih mosque, Blue Mosque, Sultan Selim the Stern mosque, Suleymaniye mosque, Sumbul Efendi mosque on the Laylat al-Qadr.

Fatih Municipality will organize events on the stage of Sultanahmet amphitheater during Ramadan. Events include concerts that will be given by Fatih Music Group and by Fatih Janissary Band, and concerts that will be given by sufism performers.

Fatih residents who wish to visit shrines and mosques in the course of Ramadan will be transported by municipality vehicles every weekday and will visit mosques and shrines in different districts of Istanbul within the scope of Mosque and Shrine Tours exclusive to Ramadan.

Following the salat al eid at Fatih Mosque, which has transformed into a tradition, breakfast will be offered for 2,000 of people and soups will be offered at Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque, Sultan Selim the Stern mosque and Sumbul Efendi Mosque.