Ashura was served traditionally in the Historical Spice Bazaar

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Ashura was served to 20,000 people in the Ashura Activity which was held for the 15th time this year in the Historical Spice Bazaar.

While people were competing with one another in order to taste the Ashura which was cooked by the master cooks using 22 different ingredients, tourists enjoyed the Ashura they tasted for the first time.

In the Ashura Activity organized in the Spice Bazaar under cooperation between Fatih Municipality and Malatya Bazaar, Ashura was served to 20,000 people. In the activity held on the occasion of the Month of Muharram, Mr. Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality got behind the huge boiler after the prayer and served Ashura to people. The Ashura cooked with 1.5 ton of 22 different ingredients got the thumbs up from tourists. Tourists showed high interest in the Ashura they tasted for the first time.

“1.5 ton of 22 different ingredients were used”

Highlighting that Muharram is the month of unity and solidarity, Mayor Demir said: “We are serving Ashura, which has become a traditional activity. We served Ashura in different parts of Fatih including Fatih, Süleymaniye and Sümbül Efendi Mosque as from last Friday. Ashura with 22 different ingredients was cooked for around 20,000 people. May God accept this charity work.”

Emphasizing that it is aimed to preserve this religious and traditional ritual, Mr. Murat Palancı, Chairman of Malatya Bazaar said: “It is really important to remind people the month of Ashura and the necessity to live in unity and solidarity. We are organizing this activity for the 15th time. Ashura is cooked with 22 different ingredients. We cooked our Ashura with 1.5 ton of ingredients. We will serve our Ashura to thousands of people including locals and foreigners. Tourists especially show high interest to it.”

Ashura got the thumps up from people

Finding Ashura very delicious, Mr. Yakup Kılıç said: “May God accept this charity work. I had come here to buy Ashura ingredients and I had the chance to taste it. I’ll buy the ingredients from Malatya Bazaar. My wife also cooks Ashura as do my daughters who live in the same apartment”.

Having come across the event coincidentally, Mr. Yusuf Yılmaz said: “Ashura is very delicious. I would like to thank to those who cooked it. My wife also cooks it. We also served Ashura to people this year”.