Hay Bin Yakzan

Date : 23.01.2016 11:00:00
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

Hay bin Yakzan is not only one of the most significant works of world cultural history with its unique position in the Islamic Eastern literature, but also with its influence on world literature. The most renowned version of the work belongs to Ibn Sina and Ibn Tüfeyl. Prepared with inspiration from this historical story, the play is about Hay, who comes into existence without parents as certain natural conditions meet, on an island on the Indian Ocean under the Equator. Fermented from the soil and formed from a mixture of hot, cold, wet and dry elements, Hay has all the knowledge in the world. The message of this play is that a person can reach fundamental philosophical truth with regard to creator-world-mankind relations based on his/her intellect and senses.

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