Restoration of Hafız Ahmed Pasha Madrassa Has Been Completed

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Having completed the restoration of Hafız Ahmed Pasha Madrassa, the projects and application studies of which are conducted by Fatih Municipality Directorate of Technical Works, an important historical value has been transferred to future generations by Fatih Municipality.

Hafız Ahmed Pasha Madrassa is located on Ali Kuşçu Mahallesi Fatih Caddesi. Its founder is Hafız Ahmed Pasha who performed a duty of Sadaret Governorship twice. Madrassa was built between 1004 (1595-1596). It is located between Başmüezzin and Başhoca streets on Fatih Caddesi which is the third avenue parallel to Fevzipaşa Caddesi in Fatih. Hafız Ahmed Pasha Madrassa's plan consists of mosque, madrassa, darulkurra, library, public fountain and fountain.

Who is Hafız Ahmed Pasha?

Hafız Ahmed Pasha (1564 Filibe - 1632 İstanbul) is the Ottoman Grand Vizier. He grew up in Enderun. He was hafız, poet and singer. He was appointed to Admiral in Chief (Kaptan-ı Deryalık) by granting him the rank of vizier when he was falconer (Doğancıbaşı) in the palace. After that, he worked as a Governor in Damascus, Van, Erzurum, Baghdad and Anatolia, respectively. He became Grand Vizier for the first time in 1625. As Grand Vizier, he was appointed to Iran Front Seraskerat. However, he was discharged as he could not rescue Baghdad. He came to Istanbul. He got married with Ayşe Sultan, sister of IV. Murat, and became the groom of the palace. He became Grand Vizier for the second time in 1631. However, he was killed by the janissaries when Topal Recep Pasha wishing to obtain this authority provoked janissaries against him.