2015-2016 Parks Revised

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The New Parks of the Investment Year 2015-2016 in Our District...

Haşimişcan Park Renovation
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Located in Karagümrük Neighborhood, Sofalı Çeşme Street, Haşimişcan Park was engaged in a revision program in 2014 as its functional areas and green areas lost their value of usage in their current state.

The purpose of the project works was to commission it as a more aesthetic and functional park. After the project and implementation process, having a usage area of 1664.29 m², the head of neighborhood building in the park was removed and instead the Family Healthcare Center building was built by the Directorate of Technical Works, and the remaining 1413.44 m2 area was commissioned as a park containing sitting and recreation areas, walking tracks, playgrounds for kids and pond units. Wooden pergolas were positioned in certain parts of the sitting and recreation areas for shading. Vegetation groups with high landscaping value were planted in the green areas, automatic irrigation system was built and readymade grass was placed.

Following the firm ground implementation works, green area arrangement was made and urban furniture was installed, and the park was commissioned in February, 2015.

23 Nisan Children's Park Renovation
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Located in the Küçük Ayasofya Neighborhood, beside the head of neighborhood building, 23 Nisan Children's Park has been renovated. Having an area of 976.10 m² in total, residents made intense requests owing to insufficient sitting units, worn out playground and bumpy firm grounds of the park and therefore a project has been implemented for the park. The loose and damaged buildings in the park have been renewed while existing green areas have been preserved. The firm ground has been renewed and the playground's location has been shifted and a more functional play group has been installed. It has been provided for the use of our folks as an aesthetic and well maintained park.



Keyci Hatun Park Renovation
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The Keyci Hatun Park located in Cerrahpaşa Neighborhood, Haseki Kadın Street with an area of 336.44 m² was engaged in a revision program following requests from the residents owing to its insufficient seating units, worn out playground and bumpy firm grounds and project design was made for the park.

Following the project works, 176.15 m² firm ground, 74.64 m² playground and 85.62 m² green area were positioned. The perimeter walls of the park were demolished and the dried out trees in the area were removed. With the new arrangement, urban furniture and the playground were renewed and plants were supplied. It was provided to the use of our people in June, 2015 after the arrangement was completed.


Kızılelma Park Renovation
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Located near the Kasap Halil Mosque on Kızılelma Avenue within the borders of Haseki Sultan Neighborhood, the park's usage was restricted following the improvement works made on the mosque, and therefore the park has been engaged in a renovation program so that its green areas and playground to become more functional and aesthetic.

The park area was 755.25 m² before the construction of the mosque, so 76.82 m² playground area, 147.34 m² firm ground arrangement and 40.45 m² green area arrangement were made following the construction of the mosque. The park became more useful and aesthetic following these arrangements and it was provided to the use of our citizens in November, 2015.


Küçük Mustafapaşa Park Renovation
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Located in Yavuz Sultan Selim Neighborhood, Kalaycı Street, Küçük Mustafapaşa Park's bumped firm grounds, playground areas that no longer had usage value and seating areas were engaged in a revision program in order for them to become more functional and aesthetic.

In a park area of 296.07 m² in total, the wild plants without landscaping value were removed and project design was made for the firm grounds outside of the playground. Maintenance and repair were made for the existing play group of 76.94 m² and the rubber ground was renewed. Plant groups with high landscaping value were planted in the green areas and grass was laid out, whereupon the arrangements were completed and the park was provided to the use of citizens in April, 2015 in its new form.

Davutpaşa Park Arrangement
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Located in Cerrahpaşa Neighborhood, Esekapı Street, at the back of Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Mosque, the work area was an inactive, dysfunctional and obsolete park whose sports field was used as training grounds by Davutpaşa Sports Club and which could not be used by the residents. It was engaged in a renovation program by the Directorate of Parks and Gardens at the end of 2014 so that it could meet the needs of the residents better. Under the scope of this project, shaped based on the surrounding historical structures as well, the park had 1241.05 m² usage area in its current state wherein a marble pond of 13.28 m² with an Ottoman concept, 591.05 m² green area, 502.68 m² firm ground and 75.62 m² cafe structure were positioned. The sitting and recreation areas on the firm ground were covered with wooden pergola. The green areas were covered with automatic irrigation system, plant groups with high landscaping value were preferred and readymade roller grass was laid out. The park will be provided to the use of our residents after the project and implementation works of the ASM (Family Healthcare Center) structure to be positioned on the Esekapı Street side of the park are completed by the related directorate.

Kuvay-i Milliye Square Arrangement
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Following the expropriation of the obsolete structures in Silivrikapı Neighborhood, Kuvay-i Milliye Avenue, the expropriated area has been arranged as a square to serve the seating and recreational needs of citizens. The 200 m² area has been granted a new visage with seating and recreation areas, cascaded marble pond and green areas pursuant to the works carried out. Following the completion of the works, the area has been given just another aesthetic and lovely square after the Odabaşı Square and Seyid Ömer Square along the line between Millet Avenue and Kocamustafapaşa.

Mevlanakapı School for the Mentally Handicapped, Landscaping Work

The garden of the school where mentally handicapped students are provided with education, located in Mevlanakapı Neighborhood was rearranged to enable physical and intellectual activities for the students. As the school garden was non-functional and inactive in its then current state, a playground of 70.00 m² containing wooden abacus, picnic table with sandbox, swing and slide was positioned; also in the green area section of 278.32 m², an agricultural activity area of 25.00 m², 10 meters long, stepped walking platform for physical activity were positioned, the inactive area at the back of the building was made functional and a gym area of 30.00 m² and a shaded area of 16.00 m² to meet the seating and recreation needs of teachers as well as plant beds were positioned, and it was commissioned in July, 2015 with a landscaping that contains amenities which mentally handicapped students can fully benefit from.


Silivrikapı Kindergarten, Garden Landscaping Work

Located in Silivrikapı Neighborhood and previously used as a primary school and then began to serve as a kindergarten, Silivrikapı Kindergarten was engaged in our program to be arranged within our budget following the requests of the school administration. Following the project design work, a green area of 327.50 m² was created on the garden of the kindergarten which was previously made solely of asphalt, and 54.4 m² playground and 36.6 m² firm ground for walking track were positioned in the remaining section. Within the framework of the project, the middle garden of the kindergarten in the building and the back garden were subjected to landscaping, maintenance and repair as well, whereupon the necessary works were completed, prepared for the educational year and provided to the use of the kindergarten students in June, 2015.


Nakilbent Street Landscaping Work

Located in Küçük Ayasofya Neighborhood, Nakilbent Street, the surroundings of the historical fountain was re-arranged to remove its neglected and inactive look and to give it a more aesthetic look. Weed and disorderly plants around the fountain were removed from the area and the steps leading to the fountain were renewed.



Akburçak Street Green Area Arrangement

The neglected and unserviceable area in Küçük Ayasofya Neighborhood, Akburçak Street has been re-arranged. With the new arrangement, 17 m² green area and 32.00 m² firm ground area have been positioned in the 49.00 m² area. New urban furniture have been installed, grass have been laid on green areas and vegetation has been made in accordance with the area.


Kahalbaşı Green Area Arrangement

Following the road connection made between Topkapı Neighborhood Kahalbaşı Street and Urban Street, the 260.00 m² area that remains from the firm ground has been arranged as a green area. Its previous state was untended and obsolete, and therefore weed and debris cleaning has been conducted in the area, trees and bush groups have been planted in certain parts of it and grass have been laid.