3D Period in Education

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Büyük Reşit Paşa Secondary School in Fatih has broken new ground with its Three Dimensional Science Laboratory. It is aimed to increase students' interest in the course and education levels with this project.

In fact, a new period has been opened in Turkey with the educational attack experienced during the past 10 years. 3D technologies have been introduced into education in order to increase the educational levels of students in addition to classical education and to ensure knowledge will be more lasting. Distinguishing with its academic achievement, social activities and innovations in education, Büyük Reşit Paşa Secondary School that is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul has broken new ground by opening its Three Dimensional Science Laboratory with a ceremony in which Mucip Kına, District Director of National Education participated. Ünal Meşe, Büyük Reşit Paşa Secondary School Principal, said that they aimed to increase students' interest in courses and to increase their educational levels by using 3D educational technologies in education.

We have improved the quality of education

Noting that use of three-dimensional is needed also in the classroom environment due to the fact that the real world is three-dimensional, Ünal Meşe said; "Three-dimensional images attract more interest because of being close to reality. Interest and concentration of students in the courses significantly increase due to this technology. The use of 3D education especially in subjects in the field of Science and Technology provides students with a better understanding on these subjects. For example, students can see cell division three-dimensionally due to 3D education, thus students can better understand this subject. So, we are improving the existing education quality by enhancing the achievements of students”.