Maintaining culture and arts trainings for many years, Fatih Municipality launched the project of an Orchestra for Each School (Her Okula Bir Orkestra (HOBİO)), the infrastructure of which was prepared in a few years, in mid-February at the beginning of 2014-2015 period.

Besides, Fatih Municipality Sulukule art academy, one of the spaces which was built within the scope of urban transformation project in Sulukule, was taken into service for Istanbul residents including Fatih residents.

HOBİO project was projected by Dear Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih, and planned to begin works in February 2015 as a result of the development of the project.

In this context, schools have been examined in the Fatih district. Interview was made with music teachers, and consensus was reached with District National Education.

Upbringing musicians of the future in the educational spaces lies at the bottom of  HOBİO project by taking courses and art education as extracurricular activity. HOBİO target the students in secondary school at 5th and 6th Grades and in high schools at 9th and 10th grades.

Aim: to train individuals at the level to be able to a member of the orchestra by bringing children in the first level together with instruments, introducing music and enabling them to master at a later time.

Preliminarily, the announcement and promotion of the project with two high schools and two secondary schools, and later on, the implementation of the project in all our schools have been planned.

The most important topic of the HOBİO project is to build "music rooms" in our schools as the project space by Fatih Municipality and to put it into service of the project. Trainings that are completely isolated from other trainings, with all kinds of instruments, and that will be given by specialists in their field have been planned.

Students who will be included in this project will be selected by school music teachers, and trainings will continue as an orchestra of 20 and / or 25 people. While trainings are going on, all groups will be able to adapt to each other with common repertoires, and integration at the level they will be able to form symphony orchestra will be ensured when they come together.

Sulukule Arts Academy has been formed with the aim of providing art training for our citizens living in Fatih district and especially for our children, and began to accept trainee registrations by covering the entire Istanbul in line with the requests.

The fact that art trainings is very important is a known fact due the presence of Fatih district in the historical peninsula and its multicultural structure. Art training to be performed in areas such as painting, theater, dance and especially music education as all-purposely will contribute to the development of urban consciousness, increase in the level of education and the development of cultural tourism in compliance with the structure of the region. Founded on seven-hilled city, Fatih District is progressing towards being an "art village of the future" with its Sulukule Arts Academy and HOBİO projects as well as its important studies.

While common (hobby) trainings are provided for adults and children in Sulukule Art Academy, part-time conservatory-level training is provided for our children in academic classes. For those with love of art, every citizen can benefit from our common education to get rid of the stress of everyday life within the quota.

In Sulukule Arts Academy, our trainers are divided into two as Academic and master trainers. Those in Academic staff are working in the relevant departments of universities, and master trainers are those who graduated from the relevant music departments.

Our academic classes have been formed a result of the selection of the jury consisting of entirely academic staff without the intervention of our institution.

This program will continue for two years as 4-month courses, and the success of our trainees will be determined by the assessment performed at the end of each course. Our trainees in academic classes will take part in masterclas- workshop activities by coming together with important artist-educators in the field from time to time. Also, these classes and HOBİO groups will come together and exhibit their abilities.

These two project launched by Fatih Municipality is important in terms of being example to local administrations.

Sulukule Arts Academy

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