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He was born in 1984 in Kahramanmaras. In 2007 he was admitted to Trakya University State Conservatory Guitar Art Department. There, he studied guitar with Utku Özkanoğlu, Mehmet Özkonoğlu and Hande Cangökçe, and he studied theory with Svetlana Avazova. Then in 2012, he entered into Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul State Conservatory for the master. For thesis study on Brazilian music, in 2013, he performed study of guitar with Kees Gelderblom, Paça Pena and Kai Andesson, and of jazz theory and ensemble with Anna-Elis de Jong in Codarts Rotterdam Conservatorium, Worid Music Academy. During his undergraduate education period, he gave chamber music concerts in Istanbul and Edirne with Thracian Guitar Trio and solo concerts in Ankara and in some universities as part of Bilkent Turkey Guitar Meeting. Presently, he continues his studies on classical, latin and latin jazz.