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He began his first music lessons when he was 12 by taking oud and music theory lessons from İsmail Ediz. He graduated from the Kayseri Anatolian Fine Arts High School music department. He had the opportunity to work with many distinguished university teachers in ITU Istanbul State Conservatory of Turkish Music to which he entered ranking first, and in 2008, he graduated from Basic Sciences Department as salutatorian. In 2004, he formed “3Dem" group with Bilen Işıktaş and Sami Dural. In 2004, he passed the exam of TRT Istanbul Radio Youth Choir with a first degree, and he worked there for a while. He gave concerts with Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, he gave concert with İTU Chamber Orchestra as solist oud. In 2007, he represented Turkey as the oud artist in Mediterranean Countries Young Virtuosos Festival held in Tunisia. He published the album entitled "17. Yüzyıl İstanbul'unda Musikî" in Turkey in 2010 with Bezmârâ Community; published the album of instrumental works entitled "Ferabnâk" in Italy (2012) together with flute player Nurullah Kanık as oud-reed flute duo; then the same album was published in India with the name of "Sufi Taksim" (2013); he published the album entitled "Geç" in Turkey (2013) with 3Dem Oud Trio that made music wlong with three ouds in Turkey for the first time; Turkish-Iranian music album "Rehavi" that they made with Iranian and Turkish musicians was published in Iran (2013). Bekir Şahin Baloğlu continues musical studies with  "Janel&Jak Esim Ouartet", "Bezmârâ Topluluğu", "3dem Ud Trio", "Rehâvi Topluluğu", "Zuhurat" and "Meydan Mûsikî Topluluğu" groups. In 2014, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory Institute of Social Sciences Turkish Music Masters program. Presently, he is doctoral program students in Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences Religious Music department. He give oud lessons in ITU TMDK (instrument department (2013), Fatih University Conservatory - Turkish Music Club and Fatih Municipality Sulukule Arts Academy.