Academic Branch and Instructors


He began his music training in Istanbul Municipal Conservatory Department of Percussion Instruments in 1976. In 1992, he graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory and began to work as an instructor in this institution at the same year. In 1994, he completed his graduate education in Istanbul University State Conservatory Department of Percussion Instruments. He uses Turkish, Latin American and African percussion instruments as well as using classical percussion instruments; and he, as well as being a studio musician, participated in many concerts and festivals along with Gürkey Percussion Workshop, Engin Gürkey Percussion Group and Engin Gürkey Ensemble that he started in 2000.

He established Istanbul Percussion Instruments Community in 1992, and Zilli which is the first and only female percussion group of our country in 2006, and Istanbul Rhythm Theatre in 2012. In 2010, he prepared and presented the program entitled "Müziğin Binbir Dili" which was shot for TRT consisting of 13 episodes. In 2003, he designed the P-FX "Hand and Stick" cymbals, to which his name was given, which was produced by İstanbul Mehmet Zilleri. He worked as a guest artist at the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra between 1985-1992. As well as working as Percussion Instruments Artists Instructor in IU State Conservatory and İTÜ Miam, he gives education in Gürkey Percussion Workshop with the training program he wrote for World Percussion and Rhythms. Maintaining his concert and album studies with Engin Gürkey Percussion Group, Engin Gürkey Ensemble and Nabız, he is working as an art director of İstanbul Percussion Instruments Group, Zilli and İstanbul Theatre Rhythm. Also, he is working in Fatih Municipality Sulukule Arts Academy.