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She took violin lessons from Erdoğan Saydam in Turkish Music State Conservatory for four years. In 1979, she entered to Istanbul Municipal Conservatory violin department. She took violin lessons for two years. In 2003, she studied on Aesthetics of Music with Prof. Dr. Berthold Hoeckner in University of Chicago. Participating in concerts with various group within country and abroad, she has CDs entitled as "Gönülden Damlalar", "Kemençe ve Gitarla Saz Eserleri", "Telkâri". She gave concerts with "Âvâze Klasik Türk Müziği Kadınlar Topluluğu" which was founded in 2005, and she is was one of the founders of it. She played in "Nev'eser Kökdeş" CD released by Âvâze group. Believing that new and modern performing of Turkish music is needed as well as its classical style and interpretation, she performed concert studies within country and abroad with "Arayışlar" instrumental music group, of which she is the founder, and "Melodias Epicas" group. She is going on working in "İstanbul Barok Topluluğu" as a kemancha artist since 2001. She worked as a kemancha artist in CD entitled "Osmanlı Barok" released by this group. In 2006, her book entitled "Muallim İsmail Hakkı Bey ve Musiki Tekâmül Dersleri" was published. She received the title of professorship in 2007. She formed "Nazenin" group in 2008. With this group, she performed concert studies on the effects of westernization in Turkish music. Presently, she is working as a kemancha instructor in Fatih Municipality Sulukule Arts Academy.