An Orchestra in Every School Project What is (HOBİO)?

It is an educational service launched by Fatih Municipality as a social responsibility project.

Within HOBİO project, music classes will be formed, teacher, instruments and equipment will be provided, trainings of playing an instrument, instrument repair, maintenance and production will be given in the schools chosen by Fatih Municipality.

What is the purpose of the project?

To increase personal and social development of our students in our schools by taking music training. As a secondary objective, to keep students away from crime and crime-prone environments by making use of their free time.

Moreover, increasing interest in music among other students by creating environment for students' stage performances, and training generations of art lovers by promoting the arts are among the expected results of the project.

Why HOBİO and Music Education?

Through HOBİO project, thousands of children from the school involved in the project in Fatih borders will experience of receiving music training and being included in an orchestra and contributing to personal development by having a hobby.

•      Children who learn to play a musical instrument in the early years can improve the left half of the brain and increase their memory by 20%. This development will also contribute positively to their success in school and work.

•      Orchestra experience will enable children to socialize and work in harmony with the team. Also, students will need to learn to be tidy, planned and organized as they should work hard in order to be successful in the orchestra.

•      Virtues that the children will acquire in terms of punctuality, hard work, teamwork and harmony will ensure them to be successful in professional life in the future, and additionally, to be preferred in professional life.

Schools within the scope of the project

I.Tarık Us Ortaokulu

II.Cibali Ortaokulu

III.Vedide Baha Pars Ortaokulu

IV.Yedikule Anadolu Lisesi

V.Pertevniyal Anadolu Lisesi