Musical Of Love

Date : 27.02.2016 11:00:00
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

In a faraway land at a faraway time, there was a love shop that made the wishes of all kids come true.   In this shop, lived Karamor Usta.   Those who were not content with their situation came to this shop to change the habits they didn't like about themselves.  However, in return, Karamor Usta took some good traits of those kids which they didn't consider important at all.   Captain Mil got tired of working and wanted to become a child. Robot Yobo was bored with taking orders and wanted to be a human.  Little Selim wanted to grow up quickly and become a man. Kitty Marla wanted to have a sweet voice and sing songs.  Will our Captain Mil, robot Yobo, kitty Marla and little Slim get what they want in this adventure and persuade Karamor Usta?

Our play will take us to the world of fairytales. Let's see what you will want to take from this shop!

You can obtain your free Ticket for the play from Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center.