Deah Barakat's Dream to Come True in Fatih

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Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş attended the dental care project of Fatih Municipality for 47,000 Syrian kids program on behalf of Deah Barakat, 23 year old dentistry student who was killed in USA last year.

Kurtulmuş thanked the participants of the program which took place in Municipality of Fatih and which is a collective project of Association of Idealist Dentists, Fatih Municipality, Women Health Workers Association and AFAD (Disaster & Emergency Management Authority) and underlined the effect of Islamophobia which came into question with the death of Deah Barakat in USA.

"We Do Not Need Any Monetary Support from Anyone"

Kurtulmuş told that refugee matters have been a test for the world which Turkey has passed and the other countries have failed; and criticized talking about money when it comes to refugees. He told that Turkey will continue show sensitivity on this matter and said:” We do not need any monetary support from anyone. We are able to support our Syrian brothers thanks to the invaluable contributions from people all around Turkey and the power of our government. Turkey does not need to bargain for money when it comes to our refugee brothers. There is no place for things like this in our agenda.” Kurtulmuş continued his speech telling about how the war unfolds in Syria and how civil war has turned out to be a war about possessing global power.

"Everyone is trying to Do Their Best"

Kurtulmuş, after stating that the order established after World War II has come to a deadlock, finished his sentences with: “Wars and clashes have taken place all around the world and they will never end. This system of the world could not bring a solution to the crisis in Ukraine, and it will not absolve that of Syria. It can’t bring a solution to any other crisis in the world. We are here for the humanitarian matters but this matter will also continue to trouble us as long as global problems continue to exist. We are seeing this matter of refugees as a matter of brotherhood. We are seeing this as a matter of mercy, conscience and solidarity. Everyone is trying to do their best.” Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir has also stated that he is glad to be taking part of this project and thanked all the participants. After the speeches, Kurtulmuş awarded the certificates of attendance to the participants of the project.

Deah Barakat

Deah Barakat, who was a 23 year old dentistry student living in North Carolina was killed in University of North Carolina campus at their home close to Chapel Hill town on February 11, 2015, with his 21 years old wife Yusor Muhammed Ebu Salha and 19 years old sister-in-law Razan Muhammed, killed with bullets blazed away at their heads. Suspect 46 years old Craig Stephen Hicks gave himself over to the police.