7th Love Days Event Kermis at Yedikule Animal Shelter

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 10.02.2016
Hundreds of animal lovers met on 7th Love Days Event sponsored by Fatih Municipality at Yedikule Animal Shelter. In the event which celebrities too have attended, a kermis was held of benefit to animals.

Animal lovers met on 7th Love Days event organized by Fatih Municipality at Yedikule Animal Shelter in Fatih. Young and old, hundreds of animal lovers who arrived to animal shelter in early morning hours helped the animals by means of buying the products presented at the stands. Many concerts and theatre plays took place during the program, creating a splendid atmosphere.

Head of Turkish Hearth Foundation, Semiramis Sekban awarded Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality with a “Big Hearted” prize. Many celebrities have attended the event, including Selami Şahin, Ulvi Alacakaptan and Harun Kolçak. Participants took great care of the animals.

“We Want to Bring Animals to Your Attention”

Mayor of Fatih Municipality, personally interested in animals stated that they hold an event which has become a tradition in Yedikule Animal Shelter of Fatih Municipality said “We are very pleased to be doing these. The roots of this event go back 7 years and the first event was held by very little number of animal lovers and volunteers from Fatih Municipality. Number of people attending rose through the process, so did the interest. Media, art lovers and artists really helped the process. This event will not fit in the boundaries of Yedikule Animal Shelter in the future. Our aim is to make people realize animals’ rights, to make them realize that it is an important process which has succeeded. We know that this has been a model for many works in various parts our country. Once and for all, we want to bring animals here in Yedikule Animal Shelter to your attention.”

Rezzan Ganis, who sells her handcrafted products on behalf of animal lovers stated that the products will be handed to animal lovers and said “With the income from all the products, we are going to make it easier for the animals in the shelter. I have been crafting these products for the past 4 months.”

Little Hira Nur, aged 6, came to the event with her family in order to support the animals in the shelter underlined the importance of love of animals and said “I am here to pet the dogs. I really love dogs, so I fed them here. We have cats at home.”

“We Have to Respect the Animals for God Has Created Them”

Ulvi Alacakaptan, famous performer who did a stand-up show in the event, stated that events like this should be held in order to raise awareness for the animals, said “Yedikule Animal Shelter is the best one in Turkey, Fatih Municipality should boast about it. There are 3,000 animals here, 2,000 more than in typical shelters. Here stand not only the shelter club, but also non-governmental organizations. NGOs have many beautiful things to do with local governments. That is one of them.”

“I Am Being Careful As I Walk So As Not to Kill the Ants”

Famous artist Selami Şahin, who signed his albums on behalf of the animal lovers in the event, told that one should respect animals for God has created them and said “It makes me really happy to visit Yedikule Animal Shelter and make contributions to the animals, even if so little. I am being careful as I walk so as not to kill the ants. I am very emotional on this matter. I am really happy to be here. We are selling and signing the CDs here. We will donate the income to the animals, creations of God. This is the third time I came here, and I am so happy.”