A Moving Gift for Mayor Mustafa Demir

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 25.02.2016
Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir visited İbrahim Alaattin Gövsa Secondary School this week. Mayor Demir, who was welcomed at the door by Principal Mustafa Güney, came together with students before the classes began.

Mayor Mustafa Demir thanked the young ones for the warm welcome and said “You are just like spring flowers, we are starting our days full of energy thanks to you” and got a bigger round of applause. Mayor Mustafa Demir also said “You are very lucky to live in a county like Fatih. Fatih is the guest room of Istanbul. When I was little I dreamed of living in where you live right now. Now, as much as I am proud to be living in here, I am also aware of my responsibilities. I believe you also should act in this sense of responsibility.”

Mayor Mustafa Demir then had breakfast prepared by school administrators and parent-teacher association members. Demir bespoke to parents and teachers and stated that the meal prepared by parents is a blessed meal which comes from the heart and that he took his morning energy from the students. Demir also stated that our children would be raised perfectly if school administrators, parent-teacher association members and local governments act together. Mayor Mustafa Demir told about a memory of him. He told that when he was an elementary school student, his father would come to school unannounced and listen to what his teachers told about him - this would make him feel precious and he would always remember it. After this memory, daughter of Head of Parent-Teacher Association, Nilüfer Okyay surprised Mayor Demir with a charcoal drawing of a picture of him and his father in a frame. Mayor Demir told that this gift was a real surprise after his memory and it moved him.

After the program, Mayor Demir, school administrators, members of parent-teacher association and parents together had their photograph taken.