19 Women Who Made Their Marks in History were not forgotten in March 8

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 10.03.2016
19 women who made their marks in Turkish history were memorialized in the exhibition held for March 8 International Women’s Day with photos, pictures and sculptures. Lale Orta, who is the first woman referee in Turkey to have a FIFA kokart, has also joined the exhibition.

The painting exhibition on women who are the first in their professions, the pioneers were commentated on the exhibition held by Fatih Municipality on March 8 International Women’s Day. In the exhibition named “The Women Who Made Their Marks in History” made its opening in Fatih Municipality Central Building Foyer area and 19 success stories found their places in the exhibition; from Turkey’s first woman surgeon Yıldız Yalçınlar to the first woman director Cahide Sonku, the first villager woman deputy Satı Kadın and the first woman lawyer Süreyya Ağaoğlu.

"World is Beautiful with Women, Women are Beautiful with Sports"

Lale Orta, who is the first woman referee in Turkey to have a FIFA kokart, has also joined the exhibition. Orta stated that she is really glad and honored to join the exhibition and said “Feeling this is really important when you are alive. Values of many people are appreciated once they are dead but it means much more when you are alive. I would like to thank the contributors of this exhibition and I thank Fatih Municipality for their invitation. When you do things from the heart, you do not always aim to be the first one to do this, but you are the first one to do this. I loved football and I went after it. I managed it for the first time”.

Orta, who also added that sports is really important in human life, said “Sport is a fact which adds value and quality to human life and makes it continue in a healthy and quality way. I therefore recommend everyone to do sports. Especially on March 8 International Women’s Day, I say –World is beautiful with women. Women are beautiful with sports. Embrace sports in your life.”

“Women are Integral Parts of Life”

Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir, who stated that they housed the exhibition on women who were the first in their professions on March 8 International Women’s Day, said “The best artwork created by the best artists of the day, the best sculptures created by the best sculptors of today found their place in our exhibition. I guess this is the first exhibition of its kind in Turkey”.

Mayor Mustafa Demir, who reprimanded the acts of violence women suffer in society, said “Women are integral parts of life. Today we do not centralize the importance of men in life and see women as a complement, we mention of the women with whom we will live, share the beauties, who are much more important and beneficial than men in raising the next generations. I hope they will be better in the future and come into their own.”