Excellent Welcome for Mustafa Demir in Çanakkale

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Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of Fatih Municipality visited Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. After Radyo Ton ÇOMÜ Kampüs FM; the radio channel of Communication Faculty of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, was selected as the best university radio channel in the 4th Magical Microphone Radio Awards (4. Sihirli Mikrofon Radyo Ödülleri) by Fatih Municipality; Mustafa Demir was invited to the university. Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir firstly visited Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer, the rector of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University.

Necati Selvi the deputy mayor of Fatih Municipality, Prof. Dr. İsmail Tarhan the dean of Faculty of Communication, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hülya Önal the head of Department of Radio, Television and Cinema; and Vural Bulut editor in chief at the television of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University.

Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of Fatih Municipality, stated: the 4th Magical Microphone Radio Award Ceremony was a highly important competition for us. It was held in Istanbul and open for all people in Turkey. Many radios from the local to the national and from the thematic to the university radios participated in the competition. There was a broad participation compared to last year. There were 3,500,000 votes for this competition. There was also a huge demand. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University was the top rated among the other competitions. With the extraordinary effort of its hardworking and young staff and integration with public, the university ranked first. We also make these traditional visits to universities each year. We visit the university radios of Turkey on location that has won the award. We would like to see these young people on location. And we congratulate them. In this manner, we have a chance to get to know these young people and universities. Therefore, today we are in Çanakkale and together with our professors and students. I congratulate Çanakkale and the university. I congratulate lecturers of the university and particularly the Rector. They have created a unified soul. It has more than 40,000 students. Besides, the universities with 150,000 students also participated in the competition. This means that who worked hard has won the award. I congratulate again."

Additionally, Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer, the Rector of University, also stated: "On this wise, it is our pleasure to host Dear Mayor both in Çanakkale and our University. Since radio is a significant media and needs to continue this significance; we need to thank the Mayor. Radio is an irreplaceable media when we are at our houses or rest in our cars. This competition is an important factor to increase the quality of radios. There was a substantial participation. However, we are happy to come in first among other university radios. First of all, it was thanks to the effort of our colleagues. On the other hand, this also shows the integration between our University and Çanakkale. The people from Çanakkale and the listeners of our radio supported us on this issue and stood with us. I also thank the citizens of Çanakkale."

After the visit, Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer, the Rector of University, gave a lunch in honor of Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir. Not only Mr. Acer and Mr. Demir,  but also the vice rectors ; Prof. Dr. Ahmet Erdem,   and Prof. Dr. Metehan Uzun, Jülide İskenderoğlu the member of Women's Branch and Orçun Oktay the member of Youth Branches of Central Decision Management Committee of Justice and Development Party Headquarters.

Mustafa Demir visited Radio Studios of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University

Having visited TV-Radio Studios of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University and met the students; Mustafa Demir came together with university and city protocols and students in award cocktail party held in Kolin Hotel.

Firstly, Vural Bulut the TV-Radio editor in chief at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University gave a speech.  Having mentioned about the 4th Magical Microphone Awards, Mr. Bulut stated: “the radio of our university was selected as the Best University Radio of Year in the most prestigious award ceremony in Turkey. We are happy to make our city and university take this justified pride. Today, we came together with our university and city protocols and liked to share our happiness. I thank our university and city directors supporting us during the competition period. Similarly, I congratulate all colleagues and students for their full-court press."

Prof. Dr. İsmail Tarhan the Dean of Faculty of Communication of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University stated: "Fatih Municipality gave our students and us a chance to see our capacities, therefore; I thank Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of Fatih Municipality, and his team; our university management, municipality and everybody that has supported us; and I wish our students will put their signatures under important successes.

Rector Acer: "Our young and dynamic students deserve great thanks"

Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer, the Rector of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, mentioned that Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University stays the course to be a university known in Turkey and science world for its quality and stated: “The fact that our university radio developed with the efforts of our communication faculty students and lecturers ranked first in a competition open to all university radios in Turkey became a factor for our university to make its mark. Therefore, I am very happy especially in behalf of our university. Additionally, we have respectable staff and outside institutions, which contributed, deserving thanks. The lecturers in our university and our faculty of communication; and our young and dynamic students in the management of radio-television unit deserved great thanks; and beyond question, Çanakkale has the most listened radio and Çanakkale made the best of it. It has shown the value and feel of what it listened to and this year our radio ranked first with the support of Çanakkale. And Mustafa Demir, the respectable Mayor of Fatih Municipality prepared this excellent environment is here. We thank him sincerely."

Ülgür Gökhan the Mayor of Çanakkale Municipality emphasized the importance of the university and stated: "I thank Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of Fatih Municipality for honoring our city". Mr. Gökhan remarked: "The success of university is very significant. Therefore, we become happy for any little success and any little prominence; within this concept, being first among university radios is very meaningful, so I am very glad of it. I interpret the championship of this year as a beginning, we also need to rank first next year and do the necessaries to achieve it."

Bekir Sıtkı Dağ the vice governor of Çanakkale thanked the staff of university radio and university directors, and stated: "Çanakkale is a special city. The communication between people is amazing. In this sense, our university radio needed to win this award. I congratulate Prof. Dr. Yücel Acer, the Rector of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University.  For this reason, I think the university radio under his directorate deserved this success. I congratulate the radio, dear Dean and all contributors in Communication Faculty with all my heart and soul. "

Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir: "I congratulate Çanakkale and the University"

Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of Fatih Municipality, hosting Magical Microphone Radio Awards congratulated Çanakkale and the university, and stated: "It is a success of university students, the people living in Çanakkale; and it was supported by local management, central deputies, all political parties and the public. So, I congratulate all of you without any discrimination. Considering that we organized the 4th Magical Microphone Radio Awards in the most prestigious saloon in Turkey as the people from Istanbul appreciate; it is a very special organization that is important enough to be compared with Oscar Awards. This year, it was a significant competition, in which 3,500,000 votes are counted and more than 400 radios participated on a national scale. You see this competition as a success of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University but we see firstly Çanakkale when we consider it. We see the university that gives priority to Çanakkale and turns it into a locomotive. In this sense, we see it as a medium between the staff and students of university and the public."

Not only university and city protocols but also the mayors of county municipalities, political party representatives, nongovernmental organization representatives and students participated in the cocktail party.