The Prime Ministry Extends Its Thanks to Fatih Municipality

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 29.03.2016
Fatih Municipality has been the first organization in Turkey that made transition to the system of programs integrated with EBYS (Electronic Document Management System) developed by the Prime Ministry under the a-Devlet (Smart State) program in order to identify, simplify and shorten bureaucratic processes in public organizations and to reduce paper consumption. This successful and rapid transition of Fatih Municipality has been granted a sincere thank you by the Prime Ministry.

The Prime Ministry commissioned the EBYS (Electronic Document Management System) it developed under the a-Devlet (Smart State) work and KAYSİS (Electronic Public Information Management System) which will provide online access to all information and documents related to services and works of public organizations and DETSİS (State Organization Central Registry System) where all bodies and organizations in Turkey are registered according to hierarchical structure and identified with a Turkish Republic State Organization No in integration with each other.

Faster Public Service

With the implemented a-Devlet and related systems, processes related to any procedure in any public body or organization in Turkey can be instantly identified and traced in the electronic system with EBYS (Electronic Document System). Correspondence are made in the electronic environment and are secured with e-signature, while bureaucratic transactions of citizens on the same subject yet in different organizations or within the same organization yet in different units are resolved more quickly, thus saving time and avoiding document consumption.

Another First Step in IT Comes From Fatih Municipality

Undertaking a leading role in informatics and having undersigned many initial ventures with the projects it developed, Fatih Municipality has also been the first municipality that successfully implemented the a-Devlet infrastructure, which is a milestone in the bureaucracy of Turkey and was developed by the Prime Ministry. The Prime Ministry extended its thanks to Fatih Municipality for this achievement as well.