One Orchestra for Each School in Fatih

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Students in Fatih can now realize their wishes to have musical training with “One Orchestra for Each School” project initiated by Fatih Municipality. In the project in which any children who wishes to join can have musical training, musicians of the future will be trained. Upon putting the project in practice, every school will have an orchestra in Fatih.

Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir is making another one of his dreams come true. With “One Orchestra for Each School” project Mayor Demir is personally attends to, hundreds of children will realize their dreams to have musical training.

At the first stage, with “One Orchestra for Each School” project, 275 students started their musical training. A project to have great influence was initiated by Fatih Municipality in pilot schools. A presentation of the project which is to be the foundation of Symphony Orchestra was done in Sultanahmet Four Seasons Hotel, housed by Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir.

Ozan Colakoglu, arranger and composer, assumed the project coordinator and in the scope of the project, 19 teachers started to train 275 students in 10 branches at first step. A youth orchestra of students which have continued their training for a while gave a mini concert.


Mayor of Fatih Municipality, Mustafa Demir stated as follows: “We set our sights on gifted students who cannot find any means to practice to make at least this branch or art widespread. We wish to contribute to a generation at peace with art and society, at peace with themselves and the others.

We want the youth to listen to music and follow the trends in music. In this sense, I believe this project to be more than just a social responsibility project. We will embrace the gifts of many children with this project. We aim for a generation which has no problems with self-confidence. We are initiating an orchestra in every school with at least 25 people. Our children which have training here will then train their friends. Thus, I believe, our project will be widespread in every part of our society. I hope this project will not be limited to the borders of Fatih. I wish this for not only Fatih, nor for only Istanbul; I wish this to be embraced all over the country.”


Famous composer and arranger Ozan Colakoglu, who assumed voluntarily the project coordinator stated that this is a really important project to contribute to development of children. Colakoglu said: “What is important is to reveal more people with gifts and in this sense, our project is of utmost importance. We really need musicians in our country. We really feel the absence of it. This is a really important project for development of children. We do not know whether they will be musicians or not in the future, this is not important, but with the training they have here and the culture they are exposed to, their view of life and social life matters more. I think this is a very important project. There are many children who are really willing. They cannot find any means to realize their dreams, they cannot find any instruments. Having this training at school is great but it is far greater to go home with these instruments.”


Littlest member of the group, Zeynep Bektaş, who states that the project has made great contributions to her, says “I was playing violin with my teacher with another group before. As my teacher is here now, I am here too. I am closer with friends I made here. Because of my age I belong to the littlest ones’ group but I communicated with bigger ones too. My teacher says that now that I started my training here, I achieve more in music.”


Mahmut Hüdayi, who states that he has played the violin ever since he was 6, says: “I got my first musical training from my father. I was educated in University of Mimar Sinan, Faculty of Fine Arts. Then I met Sulukule. There were academy tests there, too. I passed these tests and joined the orchestra. Whenever I am down, it lifts my mood to play the violin.

Little ones who receive training as a part of the project will take the stage with famous musicians in Zorlu Performing Arts Center in November.