Fatih Residents are Against Coup as One Voice, One Heart

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 25.07.2016
Fatih Municipality Assembly banded together against the coup attempt. On Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 09.00, Fatih Municipality Assembly held an extraordinary meeting with the agenda of evaluating the malicious and outrageous attack directed against our country's unity and solidarity and constitutional order at night on July 15th, 2016.

Fatih Municipality Assembly that gathered under the chairmanship of Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir was initiated by silent homage to the memory of the martyrs and reading National Anthem.

In his speech at the opening of assembly, Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir said; “In the evening of July 15th, some people who are tactless, traitors and bloodless attempted to revive the ‘Military Coup’ which is the nightmare of the past that we want to forget, causing our people to experience trauma. However, our people beat them adequately, and our democracy has gone through a serious test.

They attempted to hit below our belt, to beat us, divide us and set against us through our brave military, which is sacred for us and one of our most precious values. They wanted to overthrow our management that came to power through democratic system and establish the military dicta regime. Military is a home for us, our reliable office. Military is our strong hand that holds our head up high against the world … However, enemies have spread among us and managed to penetrate into the military which is our honour to which we trust at the most. How can the key be useful when the enemy enters inside through the door?. We have seen these films many times, and we have never liked any of these films. Therefore, we have given the best answer as a nation and a large portion of our genius military to those who wanted to re-enact this old nightmare to us. Within minutes, we stood out against cannons, tanks, guns and bullets with our faith-filled breast as we grabbed our flag by a statement made by our Mr. President on the phone. We beat this malicious ambush by joining of police-soldier-citizens.”

Mayor Mustafa Demir continued his speech by saying; “We have seen many coups as a country, we have suffered a lot. 1960 Military Coup, 1971 Memorandum,1980 Military Coup, 28 Şubat 1997 Post Modern Coup, 2007 E-Memorandum, May 2013 Taksim Gezi Park events, 17 to 25 December Coup Attempts. Each coup experienced in Turkey decreased our social welfare. There is a saying “They have always attempted to bury us but they have not known that we are the seeds.” We have sprouted and come into blossom as they attempted to bury us. Thank goodness, our country has reached the point where azans shut up the coups rather than the coups that shut up azans. A tremendous instance of unity and solidarity has been exhibited.

From here I would like to express my sincere thanks to MHP (The Nationalist Movement Party), CHP (The Republican People's Party) and democracy guards who have run to squares without saying male-female-old-young. Master Cemil Meriç has a nice saying; There is no rightist-leftist, progressivist-reactionist in this country. There are honourable and dishonourable people in this country.” This saying is valid for us, all lovers of democracy, defending the homeland. See, millions of people were on the streets, and they are still on the streets. Have you ever seen any burned shop, ransacked automated teller machine or broken state vehicle? There is no trace of vandalism. There are only people who have gained their self-confidence again in the squares.”

Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “Surely, there are the victims of this malicious attack. Of course, there will be other names that will not be forgotten. The history will never forget those people who gave flagitious order who wanted to cause people to play against one another and use our innocent children, youngsters who are just 20-year-old that we care for their own flagitious purposes. The great Turkish Justice will impose their penalty. Thank God that they were three to five people and Allah winded their malicious plans round their legs. Our people rushed to the squares as soon as they heard the message of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and did not give opportunity to these traitors. Thank god. Our minarets echoed with ezans and sela just like in Dardanelles war and led our people to confront these remiss people like a steel wall. Squares and the whole streets were overflow with women, men, young, old, Turkish, Kurdish, Laz, Circassian, Alevi-Hanafi citizens who love their country and nation and have sworn fight to the last drop of blood for their freedom. Squares were protected by our citizens who were on guard duty just like a holy icon. And today we will continue our guard duty until flush out those living creatures who have penetrated into the capillaries of the motherland from the places where they are sheltering and hiding. Hopefully. Therefore, like Mehmet Akif said, we must shield our faith-filled breast and move these sacred values entrusted to us into the future without blinking our eyes. As the Mayor of Fatih, I would like to say May Allah bless all our citizens who have been on guard duty for five days with us, by these feelings and thoughts.“.

After the speech of Mayor Mustafa Demir, Yahya Atıcı emphasized that this attempt is a black mark for democracy, on behalf of AK Party Group.

On behalf of CHP Group, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Hikmet Öz stated that they would always be in unity and solidarity against the coup by making condemning speech. The meeting was terminated after the evaluation of the agenda. The representatives of political parties also participated in the meeting.