The Watch for Democracy was Given a Break with the Morning Prayer

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 16.08.2016
Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir did the morning prayer with the citizens in Vatan Avenue on the last day of democracy watch.

The citizens filled the Vatan Avenue on the last day of democracy watch. Gathering before Istanbul Security Directorate, the citizens stood watch till dawn with Turkish flags in their hands.

Taking part in the Democracy watch stood in Vatan Avenue every night since 15 July, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir also took part in the democracy watch stood in Şişli and Sarıyer on the last day of the watch and supported the citizens keeping watch there. Drawing heavy attention from the citizens there, Mayor Mustafa Demir made a speech as well.

Taking part in the watch in Vatan Avenue during the late hours of the night again, Demir did the morning prayer with the citizens on Vatan Avenue following the azan. Mayor Demir said they give certificate to the citizens who keep watch for democracy and protect the nation from terrorists.

Presenting certificate to citizens who kept democracy watch before Istanbul Security Directorate since 15 July evening, Mayor Demir said: "We have organized a certificate for the blessed guards of the sacred watch, for all people who experienced 15 July, who dared to sacrifice their lives and risked everything for their nation and for the future of the country, who came here as our President instructed us to go out on the city squares and the airports, came to Vatan Avenue, to Saraçhane, went to the Şehitler Bridge on 15 July and struggled and we hereby present it. This will actually be considered a historical document. People will tell their kids, grandchildren and future generations that they resisted a huge coup that would put Turkey under invasion wherein betrayers came to invade the country on 15 July 2016, who even got the support of the whole world and who were among us and who disguised as soldiers at the expense of destroying Turkey. This is the certificate of our stance against that coup. We present this to everyone who went out that night, joined the struggle and stood the democracy watch". Citizens gathering on Vatan Avenue kept the watch for democracy until dawn. "There is no difference between 1453, 1071 and 15 July. The heroes of 1071, the heroic veterans of 1453 and brave martyrs and veterans of 15 July are on the same level before God" said Demir, and presented the certificate to the citizens standing watch for democracy.

The citizens were offered soup following the morning prayer.