Mayor Demir Visits Vefa High School

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Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir played volleyball with the students during the opening of the Vefa High School Sports Hall which was renewed by Fatih Municipality...

A licensed volleyball player while he was a student, Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir received intense cheering and applause from the audience during the exhibition game...

Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir visited Vefa High School this week under the scope of visiting at least one school every week and made the opening of the Sports Hall which was renewed by Fatih Municipality as well. Visiting the schools in the morning before the first class begins and meeting the students as well as the principals of the schools and the Parent-Teacher Association, Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir's point of visit for this week was Vefa High School. The School Manager, teachers and Parent-Teacher Association directors welcomed Mayor Mustafa Demir in the entrance of the school. Following the breakfast made together in the program attended by Fatih District Director of National Education Mucip Kınay, Municipality Deputy Mayors and managers, the conference hall was visited while the students were also there.

District Director of National Education Mucip Kınay and the School Principal Abidin Başarslan thanked to Mayor Demir who mobilized all the resources of the municipality for Vefa High School as for all the schools in the district and gave him the microphone.

Mayor Mustafa Demir addressed the students, mentioning that municipalities actually carry out works for the city culture and awareness at present in addition to their primary duties such as collecting garbage, cleaning, asphalting and making roads and pavements and highlighting that he considers the growth of young people, who are the architectures of our future as important as the other services. He mentioned that they have been working to globalize education aiming for the principle of equal opportunity in education ever since the first day he started his office as the Municipality Mayor. Mayor Mustafa Demir said, "As Atatürk said, you are the ones who will raise our country above the level of contemporary civilizations. Just studying hard and taking notes well are not enough. You need to grow together with positive and social sciences. Being self-confident, observing the rights of people and the law and knowing about respect, love and your responsibilities are also very important. As a person who has never abandoned sports throughout his life, doing sports is also as much important for a healthy future. We equipped all the schools which have sufficient area in the district with indoor sports halls. We continue our works for a chamber orchestra for all the schools in our District with the project 'an orchestra for every school' which started last year and the number of which we rapidly increase. We are aiming to create a symphony orchestra soon. This way we are aiming to disseminate sports and art across the next generation to all the segments of society."

Following the speech, Mayor Mustafa Demir and the people accompanying him moved to the Sports Hall which was renewed by Fatih Municipality. Mayor Mustafa Demir was invited by the students to the Volleyball field following the opening of the renewed hall. A licensed volleyball player for long years, Mayor Mustafa Demir didn't refuse the invitation of the students and took off his jacket, joining the exhibition game. He received a lot of cheering and applause from the audience.