Smart Municipality Forum

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Organized by Marmara Municipalities Union, the Smart Municipality Forum started in Hilton Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center on November 7. The session topics on the first day of the forum, which will continue for two days, were Cyclic Economy in Smart Cities, Cyber Security, Digital Society, Geographical Information Systems, Transportation and Smart Traffic.

One of the most used software today, Geographical Information Systems were discussed in the session moderated by Fatih Municipality Deputy Mayor Erhan Oflaz, where Marmara University Faculty of Engineering Instructor Assist. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ağaoğlu, IND Software General Manager Hüseyin Polat, EGA Elektronik Security General Manager Muzaffer Yıldırım and BİSİAD Chairman Osman Akın made their speech.

Hüseyin Polat said, "Software which help digital life transform information into power. A candle doesn't lose anything by setting another candle on fire. All these systems are the kind of works that will open the way."

Muzaffer Yıldırım said, "Your dreams play a major role in innovative systems. You build the future by imagining how easily the municipality services would be made", highlighting the role of dreams in smart municipality.

Session moderator Erhan Oflaz said, "As the valuable speakers said, technology and geographical information systems have a very important position. Today we do not attempt to go to a place without navigation. These information systems need to continue with worldwide innovations. In the same way, as mentioned by Mr. Hüseyin, a candle doesn't lose anything by setting another on fire. We need to open the way for each other", placing emphasis on synergy.

Osman Akın said, "The local software that are developed are very important and these software need to be supported."

The second day of Smart Municipality Forum will continue with the Climate Change main theme. Sustainable Urban Life and Municipality, Smart City Financing, Disaster Management, Success Stories in Digital Municipality and Electronic Information and Document Management topics will be addressed in the program for November 8.