Thousands of People Broke Their Fasts in Sultanahmet With Cannon Shot

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 21.05.2018
Approximately 30 thousand people broke their fasts in the iftar program, which is organized in Sultanahmet Square by the Fatih Municipality, with the cannon shot made by the Artillery Unit of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commandership.

Iftar program, which has been traditionalized by the Fatih Municipality and held in Sultanahmet Square, attracted great deal of attention from citizens. The program started with Quran Recitation before iftar and janissary band gave a short concert. Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver came to the area and visited the tables one by one and had conversations with citizens. When iftar time comes, Mayor Hasan Suver and Lieutenant Commander Mehmet Karagül broke their fasts after the cannon shot that the Artillery Unit of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commandership made.
“Cannon shot is a tradition coming from Ottoman, but we restarted this tradition as the municipality.”
Hasan Suver, who spoke after the mealtime prayer, said that he is glad to be with Istanbul residents in the first day of Ramadan.
 Mayor Hasan Suver said: “Our street iftars have been traditionalized. We started in 2006, and this year we are making it for the 12th time. It increasingly continues firstly in Fatih, then in Istanbul and in Turkey and even in Balkans. Our Project was experiencing the feeling, spirituality and plentifulness of Ramadan not as an individual but as society in streets and in squares, and welcoming Ramadan in a festival mood, and making use of its spirituality. This has been very pleasant so far, we are happy and proud. Cannon shot is a tradition coming from Ottoman, but we restarted it as the municipality.”
Having reminded that Ramadan started with blood and tears in some regions of the Islamic geography, Hasan Suver said: “We have witnessed a very painful incident particularly in Palestine before Ramadan with 60 martyres and 3 thousand wounded people. We pray for urgent aid for our brothers and sisters. Hopefully, such painful incidents will not happen again, and spirituality of Ramadan will not be shadowed.”
Mayor Hasan Suver continued by mentioning that living Ramadan in Fatih is a great source of happiness and said: “We will hold our iftar programs in 30 different points throughout Ramadan. We will experience the spirituality and climate of Ramadan to repletion. Ramadan is redemption, unity and solidarity; it is the sultan of 11 months. We wish this Ramadan will contribute to the goodness of our nation, country, humanity and all Muslims.”
Fatih District Governor Ahmet Ümit, Ak Party Fatih District President Orhan Narin, Deputy Mayors, Councilors and a large number of citizens participated in iftar.
It has drawn attention that some citizens made preparations for sahur in the square, where those who cannot find place broke their iftar on grass.
In addition to that, shows of wooden leg, Nasreddin Hodja and jugglers drew attention of children.