Bicycle To 650 Students Who Collect The Most Garbage

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 11.06.2018
Fatih Municipality gave bicycles to 650 students, who brought in the most garbage to the recycling.

The students, who won the garbage collecting competition that the Fatih Municipality started in order to protect the environment and to raise the environmental consciousness in the 2017-2018 Academic Year in the primary and secondary schools located in the district, have been determined. 650 bicycles and 35 tablets were given as present to the students of the schools, which contributed to the environmental cleaning by collecting the waste batteries, waste plantal oils and packaging wastes separately for almost one year, and 4 desktop computers were given as present to the schools ranking in the competition.

“The contribution of each waste to the economy is about 35 percent”

Awards have been delivered to their owners with a ceremony organized in the Fatih Mimar Sinan Stadium. Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, Ak Party Fatih District President Orhan Narin, Deputy Mayors, Councilors, citizens, principles, teachers and students attended the ceremony.

Mayor Hasan Suver, who made the opening speech of the ceremony, talked about the environmental damage that human caused to the environment. Having said that he is concerned about the future for a sustainable environment, Mayor Hasan Suver said: “ We have started to pollute and consume our living spaces frightfully. So much that, the danger approaches us continuously in a speed almost not giving any chance to the next generations for living. For this reason, all environmental scientists and everybody that is sensitive about nature started to concern about the future of the World. According to the made calculations, contribution of every waste thrown into environment is about 35 percent. In fact, we make a mistake at one point. We both pollute the nature and we are not aware of the fact that everything we pollute has an economic value. We treat them as waste. Therefore we said that we should both minimize the damage that we cause to the environment and we should consider that everything we see as waste has an economic value. And we should form a habit to bring them into the economy. We thought of putting the waste separation project into action as the Fatih Municipality. It is very easy to separate and bring the wastes like glass, metal, paper and plastic into economy.”

Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver stated that they spared 60 million TL to their cleaning budget every year, and the environmental consciousness will be engrained within the scope of the “Prize Recyling Competition”. Following the speeches, 650 students, who were entitled to get award, were presented their bicycles; tablets were presented to the top scoring students, and 4 desktop computers were presented to the schools that ranked in the competition. Some children toured around the stadium after they took delivery of their bicycles. Children that participated in the competition said that they are very happy for contributing both to the protection of environment and to the economy.