Ethiopia Delegation Visited The Fatih Municipality

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The Construction Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the accompanying delegation visited the Fatih Municipality for making technical examinations and taking information about the conducted studies.

The Consulate General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Istanbul Wondimu Gezahegn, the FDC Construction Minister of Ethiopia Gebremeskel Challa, the Advisor to the Minister Bereket Tezera, the Head of the Department for the Development of Ministry Database and Information Technologies Negasi Ashebir, the Deputy Director General for Capacity Building and Development Project Management of the Construction Ministry Asmerom Tadese, and the Director of the Project Development Department Sebsibe Yilma participated in the visit. The Deputy Mayor of Fatih Ahmet Ayyıldız hosted the guests. The Advisor to the Minister Bereket Tezera said: “We have understood how important the local administration is in the examinations that we made in Turkey, and we selected the Fatih Municipality as the sample municipality for us. We are here to benefit from your experiences in the projects to be conducted in our country. We would like to thank you for hosting us here.’ The Deputy Mayor of Fatih Ahmet Ayyıldız said: “We are very pleased to host you, and we are ready to provide all kinds of information and support to you in every respect as best as we can.”


Ahmet Ayyıldız Answered the Questions of the Delegation

Subsequently, the delegation addressed their legal and technical questions to Ahmet Ayyıldız such as urban and architectural design, construction works, procedures regarding the construction and work permits, powers of ministries on projects, which ministry carried out the construction law and regulations and the followed process, how the municipalities implemented the enacted laws and regulations and in which fields they are authorized. Having responded the questions of the delegation, Ayyıldız also gave information about the processes of projects at the national scale along with the vision projects of the Fatih Municipality upon the request of the Ethiopia FDC Construction Minister. Following the information exchange, a souvenir photo was taken with the delegation, which examined the model of the Historical Peninsula in the Fatih Municipality courtyard, and the guests were sent off to their countries with the hope of coming together again.