Works Have Started For The Kemikliburun Park and Social Facilities

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 28.06.2018
Fatih Municipality has started the works for bringing in a new social facility and a park to Fatih residents. The area in the Mevlanakapı Neighborhood Kemikliburun Street will be put at the disposal of citizens by being completed in a short time by the Directorate of Parks and Gardens.

In 2015, expropriation works have been made in the 7 thousand 915 square meter project area that is located in the Mevlanakapı Neighborhood Kemikliburun Street (plot No 1567, parcel no 81), and the inactive buildings in the area are removed. Various alternative project proposals were brought forward for the region, and lastly a project that will highlight the historical and visual beauties of Inland Waters, transform the region into an attraction center, and meet the physical and social needs of local community was prepared. When the project is completed, recreational areas, ornamental pool, bicycle road, green areas, fitness, children play grounds, parking area and social facility will provide service to citizens. The park is designed in the Ottoman concept generally, and it is planned to give place to three-dimensional objects representing the Ottoman period in specified areas of the park. Photo shooting points will be established within the park by positioning the objects in a way that the users may connect personally. 


The building, which is planned to provide social facility service within the park, will be positioned on a 224-square meter area, and it will be located in a place having a good command of the park, and it will provide service as a location where the users may have pleasant time with the pool, open and half-open sitting areas partaking in the front part. The project is planned to be completed and put into the service of citizens until the end of the year.