Traditional Year-End Exhibition Attracted A Great Deal Of Attention

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 28.06.2018
The traditional year-end exhibition, which included the works of students of the Fatih Municipality Women-Family and Education Unit and the Disabilities Unit that were made throughout the year and the opening of which was made with the participation of the Fatih Mayor Hasan Suver, attracted a great deal of attention from citizens.

Works of 28 teachers and 3 thousand 209 course attendees in 36 branches and in 6 Education units took place in the Women-Family and Education Unit exhibition that was organized in the new building of the Fatih Public Training Center in the Dervişali Neighborhood. 


Works of the people with disabilities, which were made in the Disability Unit Workshop throughout the year by the people with disabilities who are within the body of the Fatih Municipality Disability Unit, were displayed within the scope of the year-end exhibition.

Handicraft works, which were made by the 85 students with disabilities participating in the trainings that were organized in the Fatih Municipality Disability Unit Workshop throughout the year, were displayed. The exhibition lasted for four days and attracted great deal of attention. The intense attention to the exhibition made the students with disabilities more than happy. Workshop trainings help people with disabilities participate in the social life along with supporting them to take a step into the professional life. Course attendees take courses in the branches of Decorative Wooden Ornamentation, Jewelry Design (With Fish Line, Woven, Braided), Preparation of Decorative Home Accessories, Making Accessories From Leather, Panel Making From Leather, Felt Making, Ribbon Embroidery, Hand-Made Ribbon Work, Marbling and Making Wedding Candy. Fatih residents with disabilities, who want to participate in trainings, may contact with the Disability Unit from the phone number of 0212 521 53 53.