Great Interest From Fatih Residents To The Zoning Peace

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Zoning and occupation problem of 13 million residential buildings throughout the country comes to an end with the Zoning Peace. Fatih residents, who have shown great interest to the regulation in a short time, submit their applications to the Fatih Municipality. Producing a solution to the problem, which has lasted for almost 50 years, by means of the present regulation pleased the citizens.

Applications for the Building Registration Certificate continue to be taken in the Fatih Municipality within the scope of the regulation, which is known as ‘Zoning Peace’ in public opinion and targets to solve the zoning and occupation problem of almost 13 million residential buildings throughout Turkey. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization aims to resolve the disputed situation of citizens with the state, and legalize the buildings by way of registering them that are unlicensed, against the zoning regulations, or against the license annexes. The regulation includes all buildings that are built in rural and urban areas as unlicensed or against the license annexes before 31 December 2017. Applications have started as of June 8, and it will continue until October 31. According to the information taken from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, 1 million 300 thousand applications have been made within the elapsed time in the applications which started on June 8. Applications may be submitted by one of the building owners or their attorneys. 

“State Looks Out For Its People” 

The Fatih Municipality receives the applications of citizens with its own personnel and the personnel coming from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Producing a solution to the problem, which has lasted for almost 50 years, by means of the present regulation pleased citizens. Citizens, who  said that the state made peace with its people and solved their problems, emphasized that Turkey continues to develop by this means. Moreover, citizens said that the state works for the satisfaction of people and in this sense, it looks out for its people. 

Applications are received over e-state 

Buildings owners, who have shown great to the zoning peace regulation in a short time, may submit their applications over e-state system. Citizens, logging into the web address or e-state mobile application with their e-state password taken from the PTT branches, may access to the web page of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization from the institutions section in that page. Building owners that logged into the said page complete their applications by filling out the required information after they entered into the Zoning Peace Applications section. The last application date for the regulation is determined to be 31 October 2018, and the fee that has to be paid after making the application may be deposited until 31 December 2018. Building owners, who want to make application, may access all information related to the details of the Zoning Peace from 

Solution to the License Problem of Fatih 

The zoning peace regulation was adopted by the TGNA pursuant to the additional article 16 of the Zoning Law that is prepared for the Zoning Peace numbered 3194, and it was published on 6 June 2018. Meetings were held with the Ministry for solving the problem of hotels and enterprises, which are located within the borders of the Fatih Municipality and have license problem, with the building registration certificate without having occupation. In consequence of these meetings, a regulation has been made in the paragraph 8 of the article 8 of the communiqué that is prepared as a result of the evaluation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. It is regulated as ‘Business license and work permit are granted without looking for occupancy permit in the buildings that are given Building Registration Certificate’.  With this paragraph, license problem has been solved in areas that are included within the scope of the Zoning Peace, and that have license problem in the Historical Peninsula. 

Is My Parcel In Fatih Included In the Zoning Peace? 

The surrounding areas of Sultanahmet and Süleymaniye in the Historical Peninsula were left out of the scope of the regulation. Citizens having parcels in that area may open the Zoning Plan from the Geographical Information System in the web page of the Fatih Municipality, and they may find the owned parcel with the plot and parcel information, click the tiers and learn whether their parcel is included within the scope of the Zoning Peace.

10 details about the zoning peace

 1- Which buildings are included within the scope of the zoning peace?

It includes the buildings that are constructed before 31 December 2017.

2- What is the building registration certificate?

It is a document issued for the buildings that are considered within the scope of the zoning peace.

3- Does the building registration certificate give permanent zoning right?

Building registration certificate doesn’t give an extra right in terms of zoning, and it doesn’t create an acquired right. In case a building, to which building registration certificates is issued, is renovated, provisions of the applicable zoning legislation are applied.

4- What will happen to the demolishing decisions and administrative fines that are taken before the zoning peace?

If there are demolishing decisions and administrative fines, they will be cancelled.

5- Will it be possible to get the water, electricity and natural gas connected to the buildings, which took building registration certificates?

Yes, it will be possible.

6- Will there be transition to the property ownership within the scope of zoning peace?

Willing owners may establish land use conversion and property ownership by applying to the title deed registry and making additional payment (3 percent) in the same amount that is paid for the building registration certificate.

7- Once the application is made, until which date the fee of the building registration certificate may be deposited?

It has to be deposited until 31 December 2018.

8- Which buildings will not be able to benefit from the zoning peace?

Buildings located on immovable properties that are subject to private ownership of third persons. Buildings located on lands that are allocated for social reinforcements belonging to the Treasury. Buildings located on exceptional areas that are mentioned in the Provisional Article 16 of the Zoning Law numbered 3194.

 9- What will be the status of buildings located on immovable properties belonging to the Treasury?

Except as the immovable properties belonging to the Treasury are allocated for social reinforcement, these buildings may also benefit from the zoning peace.

  1. Until when the building registration certificate is valid?

It is valid until the building is reconstructed or urban transformation is implemented.