The Topkapı Facilities’ Construction Is Continuing At Full Steam

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 16.01.2019
The works of the new facilities made by the Fatih Municipality at the Millet Avenue are continuing at full steam.

In the construction of the facilities locating at the intersection of the Millet Avenue and the historical Byzantine Walls, the brick wall laborship, the electric and mechanical installation and the facade application works have been completed. It is planned to put the facilities, whose interior and environmental plannings are continuing, into service of the people living in Fatih after a short period of time.      

Topkapı’s New Facilities

The construction has a sitting area of approximately 600 square meters, and is consisted of basement, ground floor and first floor. It is planned that the basement has offices, meeting room, male-female dressing rooms, male-female lavabos, male-female prayer rooms, kitchen, cool storage,  dry storage and service office, and the ground floor has a restaurant with an indoor area of 431 square meters, male-female lavabos, and the first floor has a restaurant with an indoor area of 223 square meters and an outdoor area of 237 square meters, terrace and day rooms.