Orphan Kids Met in Fatih

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 22.05.2019
Coming from across the world, children met in the “Festival in My Street” event organized by Fatih Municipality and Yetim Vakfı (Orphan Foundation).

Coming together in the event organized for the World Orphans Day, children played games and had fun before the iftar and then broke fast their relatives.

Fatih Municipality and Orphans Foundation collaborated in order to host one of the most meaningful events on the 15th day of Ramadan. “Festival in My Street” event was organized on the 15th day of Ramadan, which is celebrated as the World Orphans Day since 2014 with the decision of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Iftar meals were offered to 1,500 children and their families, including children coming from across the world. The event was attended by AK Party (The Justice and Development Party) General Vice President and Istanbul Deputy Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, Ak Party Istanbul Deputies Tülay Kaynarca and Serap Yaşar, Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan, Ak Party Fatih District President Orhan Narin, Orphans Foundation Deputy Chairman Hüsamettin Orhan as well as many charitable persons and guests.

Children festival was organized in Muhtar Muhiddin Street prior to iftar. All children coming from various countries around the world enjoyed the playgrounds in the festival. After that, 1,500 persons broke fast with the iftar meals offered in Mihrimah Sultan Mosque courtyard in Edirnekapı.

“The world smiles if the orphans smile”

Mentioning that they have been offering the best services to orphans for 17 years, AK Party General Vice President Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya said, “We say the world smiles if the orphans smile. As the people of the orphan prophet, we have been a state that looks after its orphans. For 17 years, ever since our party was founded, our government has offered the best services in particular to orphan kids and increased the quality of these services.”

“We’ll make our children smile”

Mentioning that their municipality will work to put a smile on orphan kids’ faces, Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan said, “I’d like to thank to the managers of our foundation, which makes efforts to cultivate awareness for the orphans and to look after the orphans of the world. As Fatih Municipality, we’ll do our best to make our children smile as we always did”.