Dervişali Family Healthcare Center is Open

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 23.05.2019
Fatih Municipality Mayor Turan says, “Our purpose is to make people happy”

Hosted by Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan, the opening ceremony was attended by Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu, Istanbul Public Health Manager Abdullah Emre Güner, Deputy Mayors, assembly members, healthcare center personnel and citizens.

Mentioning that they are aiming to make people happy with their services, Fatih Municipality Mayor Ergün Turan said, “We are opening the twenty seventh Family Healthcare Center in Fatih. I’d like to thank to former municipality mayor for his services. Twenty seven family healthcare centers being built and commissioned by the municipality is serious service. Fatih Municipality undertakes this service and is doing its best to ensure the residents have access to proper service. Our main purpose is to make people happy”.

Emphasizing that they are aiming to eliminate the main health risks through family healthcare centers, Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu mentioned that they are preparing to build healthcare centers where citizens can receive healthcare and health consultation services without going to a hospital. He said, “We used to have community clinics system. We had a total of 271 Community Clinics and 700 doctors in 2001 in Istanbul. We have a total of 980 family healthcare centers and 4,300 doctors since we transitioned to Family Healthcare Center system. There are certain risks in Turkey regarding our health. We are trying to resolve them all together. Family Healthcare Centers play a significant role in resolving these problems”.

Following protocol speeches, Dervişali Family Healthcare Center was opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Intended to cater to 14,000 persons, the center has 5 separate units.