Enthusiasm of Eid Morning in the Fatih Mosque

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 09.06.2019
Fatih Municipality continued soup catering after Eid prayer, which has been traditionalized by it, also in this Eid.

A total of 10,000 people were served soup after Eid prayer in Fatih, Süleymaniye, Yavuz Selim, Sümbülefendi and Blue Mosques. Fatih Municipality, that offered fast-breaking meals to thousands of citizens at iftar tables in Fatih during the month of Ramadan, also offered soup to citizens in 5 large mosques of the district in the morning of the Eid.

With the end of the month of Ramadan, citizens who wanted to perform their prayers  in the morning of the Eid flocked to mosques. In Fatih, one of districts where Ramadan is experienced in the most beautiful way, the citizens flocked to the Fatih Mosque for Eid prayer while those who could not get into the mosque performed their prayers in the courtyard. After the Eid prayer, the residents of Fatih celebrated each other's Eid. Mayor of Fatih M. Ergün Turan also celebrated citizens' Eid and chatted with them.

Mayor M. Ergün Turan celebrated citizens' Eid and wished them health, happiness and peace. Mayor Turan stated that they are trying to ensure that citizens come together and celebrate each other’s Eid in unity and solidarity with the traditional soup catering after Eid prayer.

Mayor M. Ergün Turan stated that “This is my first Eid as a mayor in Fatih, we had a very nice Ramadan. I was born and grew up in Istanbul. I have never had such an intense Ramadan in Fatih. The spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan in Fatih is very different. Eids are the days during which the consciousness of being a nation is shaped and strengthened, mutual love and respect among people is clinched, and the shares are experienced at the highest level in a society where spiritual and religious feelings, beliefs, customs and traditions are practiced. I celebrate Eid of all of our people with the hope of experiencing all these beauties”. Mayor Turan also offered soup to the citizens who joined the soup queue, with his own hands.