Exhibition of Female Residents of Fatih Impressed the Visitors

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The year-end exhibition organized with the collaboration of Fatih Municipality and Fatih Public Training Center highly impressed the people who saw it.

Attending the exhibition, Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan said, “We are working on a location or two for the sale of certified works produced particularly in the centers in Fatih. Hopefully we’ll have finished them before the new training period starts”.

Various works from handicrafts to paintings were displayed in the year-end exhibition, which took place with the collaboration of Fatih Municipality Women and Family Training and Handicapped People Unit and Fatih Public Training Center. In the 2018-2019 training period, works created by women who received training on sewing women’s outfit, point lace, manual embroidery, furnishing, porcelain coloring, pastry, jewelry design, painting, marbling, calligraphy and illumination were displayed. The works displayed in the mixed exhibition of works prepared by the trainees throughout the year in Fatih Municipality Building Block C foyer area received a lot of attention. Products were displayed in many areas such as porcelain coloring, wire wrapping design, jewelry design, manual embroidery and painting. The most admired among the works prepared by 27 instructors and 1,250 trainees in 22 branches in 6 training centers with the contribution of 53 trainees in handicapped people centers of Fatih in 5 branches were displayed.

The exhibition opening was attended by Fatih District Governor Kaan Peker, Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan, District Director of National Education Mucip Kına, Fatih Public Training Center Manager Yasin Aras, Deputy Mayors, assembly members, trainees and citizens.

“We are currently working on locations for the sale of the works”

Making a speech during the exhibition opening, Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan said the exhibition is very important and meaningful for him and gave the good news that the number of training centers and trainees will be increased in the upcoming training period. Mentioning that they are also working to make sure the diligently produced works contribute to family budget, Mayor M. Ergün Turan said, “We’ll increase the number of trainees and centers in the upcoming period with the collaboration of Public Training Center and our Municipality in this regard. We’re preparing these works for the 2019-2010 season. Now our team is carrying out the building planning and organization planning for this. Preparations for location in one or two areas in Fatih for the sale of the works produced here are ongoing in line with a regulation we prepared. We are also conducting works as to how to sell the works and how to certify them. Hopefully we’ll have finished them before the new training period starts”.

Bilal Yaşar, painting instructor for the Training units presented a portrait he drew to Mayor M. Ergün Turan at the opening of the exhibition. Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the protocol and the guests viewed the exhibition area.