Mayor Turan Meets Mukhtars in each Neighborhood …

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Mayor of Fatih, M. Ergün Turan comes together with mukhtars in each neighborhood and holds consultation meetings in which the expectations and problems in neighborhoods are discussed.

Mayor Turan states that they will carry the relationship between the municipality and the mukhtars further, and after consultation meetings, he investigates the problems on site with the mukhtars.

Mayor of Fatih, M. Ergün Turan held the first of these consultation meetings with the mukhtars of Kocamustafapaşa, Silivrikapı, Yedikule and Sümbülefendi neighborhoods. In the meeting in which Deputy Mayors, the members of municipal council and unit managers attended, mukhtars expressed the demands related to their neighborhoods. In the meeting held in Silivrikapı District's Mansion, the mukhtars of 4 neighborhoods with a population of approximately 80,000 expressed their problems and expectations. Mayor M. Ergün Turan carefully listened the mukhtars, took note of all demands and proposed solutions.

“Our sole purpose is the happiness of our citizens”

Speaking in the consultation meeting, Mayor Turan stated that they valued courtesy, peace and neighborhood culture in the district. Turan mentioned that they would work to improve the quality of life in the district and indicated that, “Our sole purpose is to ensure the happiness of our citizens in Fatih. We have no other purpose. Of course, we all have different opinions. They ask me "which party" on the street, and I also say that mayor does not belong to a party, I am the mayor of all of you. We care about courtesy, peace, and neighborhood culture, we find the functioning here very valuable. This is also one of the characteristics that are already available in Fatih, I hope we will be in a mutual relationship that will contribute to it”.

“Sidewalks primarily belong to people”

Turan stated that there is a positive relationship between the municipality and the mukhtars in Fatih and indicated that, “The relationships between municipality and mukhtar and the positive relationship between the solution offered to the public in Fatih are worthy of respect, it was like that before I became a mayor, there may be shortcoming, but there is a good relationship, we will take it further. The primary result that I want to achieve from these meetings is that I hope we will perform studies to determine the road map and priorities of our district through them. We immediately intervene in the troubled places related to the sidewalks, that are a chronic problem of the district, and we have started to expand the sidewalks in some areas. Sidewalks are primarily the right of people, in other words, the right of the elderly, women and children living here”.

Investigates the problems on site

Mayor Turan came to the field with the mukhtars after the consultation meeting. Turan analyzed the demands and expectations on site and asked to start the works to solve the problems by giving instructions to deputy mayors. Turan also had a talk with the citizens and listened their problems.