Fatih Celebrates the Veterans Day

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 20.09.2019
September 19 Veterans Day was celebrated with a meal program held in Fatih.

Fatih District Governorate organized a program for September 19 Veterans Day. The meal program held in Topkapı Social Facilities was hosted by Fatih Municipality. The program began with a respectful moment of silence and National Anthem and continued with chants of Quran. The veterans and martyr relatives who attended the meeting expressed their appreciation of being remembered.

Expressing his gratitude for the veterans and martyrs, Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan said, “As people living on this land, we owe you not just our gratitude, but also our life, property and peace. May God bless all of you. If today our beautiful country is able to overcome any conspiracy made against it, moves head on without any diversion and instills trust in fellows and fear in enemies, the martyr relatives and veterans who stand here today have a great share, efforts and contribution in this”.