3x3 Street Basketball Tournament was Exciting and Tough

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 22.10.2019
The final match was made for the 3x3 Street Basketball Tournament, organized to encourage the youth to do sports and hosted by Fatih Municipality.

The final match was made for the 3x3 Street Basketball Tournament, which was organized by Fatih Municipality for the 6th time this year. 90 teams of 360 young athletes coming from across Turkey took part in the tournament, which took place in Fındıkzade Çukurbostan City and Living Park on October 19th-20th. Various awards, cash prize, medals and cup were presented to top 3 teams in 4 categories, namely Junior, Youth, Stars and Big Leagues.

Over two days, the teams delivered a tough competition for the championship. The last final match for the tournament was played between the teams ‘Öylesine Geldik (We Came for Giggles)’ and ‘Maksat Spor Olsun’ (We Do it for Sports)’ in the Big Leagues category. The final match was tough, where ‘We Came for Giggles’ beat ‘We Do it for Sports’ by 14-9 and won the Big Leagues category. ‘Cevapsız Çınlama (Unanswered Ring)’ was the winner in the Youth category and ‘Yusuf Abinin Askerleri (Soldiers of Brother Yusuf)’ was the winner in the Stars category. In the Junior league, ‘Fsa All Star’ won the cup. 90 teams of 360 young athletes competed in four different categories in the tournament, where the winners were given their cups, medals and gift coupons by Fatih Deputy Mayors Necati Selvi and Hasan Durhat. 

Yağız El, a player of the winner team in the big leagues said, “We’re very happy and we won too. We got the fruits of our efforts and came out as winner. It was a pleasing tournament”.
Sinan Tuna, a young player in the tournament said, “The tournament was beautiful. We watched and played very exciting matches. We’d like to thank to Fatih Municipality for hosting this event beautifully. I hereby congratulate my teammates and the winners in other categories”.