Fatih Celebrates October 29 Republic Day

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 31.10.2019
Fatih Municipality Sulukule Art Academy’s ‘Sulukule Acoustic Orchestra’ took the stage with Yücel Arzen, a notable Turkish musician for the ‘October 29 Republic Day’ under scope of the Republic Day events.

First the orchestra performed at the concert, which took place in the large hall of Fatih Municipality Culture and Arts Center. Playing memorable songs from the past to the present, Sulukule Acoustic Orchestra was greatly enjoyed by the audience. The orchestra was followed by Yücel Arzen, who was also greatly acclaimed by the audience. Arzen took the piano and performed with Sulukule Acoustic Orchestra. The orchestra and the renowned musician made a great impression on the audience as October 29 Republic Day was celebrated with joy.