Children Had Fun While Reading Books

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 14.11.2019
Fatih Municipality Information Houses organized the 9th of ‘Reading Festival’ which takes place in the second week of November every year in the scope of “Children’s Book Week” to develop reading habit in children and young people.

Hundreds of children and young people that arrive at Fatih Municipality Service Building foyer were greeted by Fatih Mayor Mr. M. Ergün Turan. Mayor Turan noted that they act on the basis of the idea that “If happiness belongs to one group, children must be its sole owners” and that they work incessantly to increase number of playgrounds, sports areas, and libraries in the district to make children happy. Mayor Turan talked about learning outcomes from reading books with children, spending time and chatting with all of them.

At the festival, children and young people had fun watching stage shows of animators and enjoying wafer, cotton candy, and popcorn offerings. Children could both read the books they brought with them and have fun at different activities.