From the Mayor

Dear Fatih Residents,

Only societies that are loyal to commonly shared values may be a nation. These commonly shared values, which constitute the foundation of consciousness for being a nation, designates the leaders of that nation, and this nation consciousness gets into action under the leadership of these leaders, when they face any threat. Just like it happened when our nation said stop to the traitor FETO coup attempt under the leadership of our leader Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on July 15, 2016.

Our country, which is located on the most difficult place of the World geography, has been always on the target of imperial powers, as it is stated in the proverb of ‘water sleeps, but enemy never sleeps.’ We have been exposed to the last of these attacks in the field of finance. Thank Allah, we achieved to recover from this hardship within a short period of time like two months, thanks to the trust of our nation to our President. Turkey continues to grow its economy with its political stability. After the financial hardship we have experienced, Istanbul Airport, which is one of the largest airports of the World and opening of which came across to the 96th year of our Republic, has bolstered the morale of our nation. Have a nice use of it.

The fact that our 7 soldiers became martyrs and 24 soldiers became veterans in the ammunition explosion that happened in Şemdinli military base when we were commemorating the 80th year of Ataturk’s pass away with respect and gratitude, has put all of us in a deep sorrow. I wish Allah’s mercy and grace for our martyrs, quick recovery for our veterans, and endurance for their loved ones. I wish Allah would not let us suffer such a pain again.

Dear Fatih Residents,

Even though some difficulties are experienced in our country, as we overcome these difficulties with a great determination and persistence under the leadership of our President, with the strength we take from these achievements, we try to improve this primeval city, which had been the capital of our civilization, for making it more livable at local level.

Last month, we renovated the front facades of 83 Ottoman houses located in the Cundi quarter of Şehsuvar Neighborhood. We have completed the Karagümrük Police Station Building, and put into the service of Fatih Police Department. We renovated the toilet, washroom and water-tank with a fountain of Kasım Çelebi Mosque, and courtyard of Cerrah Mehmet Paşa Mosque. Moreover, while we are advancing on the project works of Yedikule semi-olympic swimming pool, SPA and sports center, Süleymaniye Library and Study Center, Topkapı Recreational Facility, Kemikliburun Ottoman Garden and Recreational Facility, and semi-automatic parking areas in Kadı Çeşme and Mehmet Ağa Streets, parking areas in Draman and Duhaniye Streets, ASM in Kasım Günani, Vani Monastery Information House, Çemberlitaş Nation Library, and Altınay Sports Center, we put the Ayvansaray and Yenikapı parking areas into the service. Moreover, Salih Paşa Street, Beyazıtağa, Fırın, Hoşgörü and Göktaşı Streets are renovated with their pavements. Have a nice use of them.

4040 students are provided education and university preparation courses in our seven Information Houses; handcraft trainings are given in 18 different branches in seven different training units; and also trainings are provided for handicapped citizens in our handicapped atelier. Likewise, almost one thousand students continue to learn art in our Sulukule Art Academy.

While our ready to serve food, dry food and clothing aids continue to the people in need, we started our efforts to provide coal aid for winter. Our cultural and art activities such as seminar, conference, painting exhibition, children’s theater, Turkish Classical Music concerts and Historical Peninsula tours continue.

On the other hand, environmental cleaning, and maintenance, repair and cleaning works of our parks-gardens, schools and mosques continue without interruption.  Municipal police continues to work day-and-night for securing the peace of the city, as food production and consumption, and place of entertainments are being in the first place.

Dear Fatih Residents,

In these months that we are heading for a new local election, with our excitement on the first day, my team and I take it as an important duty of our history and civilization to serve this primeval city and to our beloved Fatih Residents with the love of worship. If Allah lets us, we will continue to serve you in the best possible way as long as you give your blessing and support to us. I entrust all of you to Allah. Take care of yourself.

Hasan Suver

Fatih Mayor

November 2018