To install FATİH MOBILE, the most comprehensive municipal application of the world:

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 12.02.2013
Having launched the most comprehensive mobile municipal application of the world, the Municipality of Fatih removes the confining borders of interactive municipal services with the Fatih Mobile application, which can be run on all relevant platforms.

First place award to the Fatih Mobile Application at eTR
FATİH MOBILE received the first place award in Turkey in the 'Medium-Scale Municipalities' category of the 9th eTurkey (eTR) awards event, which was organized by TUSIAD and the Turkish Informatics Foundation (TIF)...

You can click on the following links to install our application on the mobile device of your choice:

Apple Store download link for iPhone users Download link for iPad users
Google Play download link for Android users Download link for BlackBerry and J2ME users


Fatih Mobile is an application our citizens can access via their mobile devices in order to receive information about the district and municipality of Fatih and carry out their interactive municipal processes in a facilitated and fast manner. 
Fatih Mobile offers an enriched user interface that has been developed especially for facilitated and fast use. The applications break down into 8 main categories: Mayor, Communication Center of the Municipality of Fatih, District Guide, E-municipality, Actual News, Culture and Art and Services.   
There are 114 sub-modules under the main categories.  These modules are constantly improved and provide a wide scope of usage possibilities for citizens. Thanks to sub-modules, processes such as accessing administrative information, contacting the communication line, providing suggestions with visual examples, submitting complaints, due payment queries and debt payment can easily be performed. 
With Fatih Mobile, one can use the compatible mobile devices to keep track of art events, find out information regarding pharmacies on duty, view the photo gallery of Fatih, read about places to visit, get actual news and see announcements. The application offers a wide array of other services as well, such as accessing all municipal publications, viewing tender announcements, checking the wedding appointment calendar and viewing tax period reminders.