Fatih Municipality



Municipality of Fatih Sustains Leading Position in Informatics with FatihAR

The augmented reality technology is being used as part of a mobile local government application for the first time.

What is augmented reality?

Basically, it is enriched presentation of the actual view of all objects surrounding us coupled with interactive support of virtual views, sounds, videos, pictures and other virtual elements like data. In brief, it is dressing real vision with virtual objects.

Widely known as augmented reality and abbreviated as AR, this technology is also known as enhanced reality and is being used by a local government for the first time in the mobile application of the Municipality of Fatih, which is named FatihAR.

FatihAR Application

Technology is advancing and brings in facilitative elements into our lives as it keeps doing so. To elevate our district of Fatih to the level of modern cities, we follow the guidance of information and keep up-to-date about technology so as to attain maximum knowledge. So, we serve and manage our city with information and technology.
We are constantly engaged in research and development work for the purpose of finding out how to utilize technological means most efficiently in order to enhance service quality. We have started utilizing the augmented reality technology as a result of such research and development. 
With this project that we have named FatihAR, you can use your mobile device's camera, take a look at your surroundings and receive interactive information (text, picture, audio, video etc.) about the spatial objects (buildings, significant locations, historical structures etc.).   
While taking a break on Sultanahmet Square, for example, you can launch the FatihAR application, view Sultanahmet Mosque with your camera and instantly access the information our municipality has to share about this structure. 
Additionally, the application is also capable of redirecting you to other destinations you would like to visit. 
The exclusive municipal version of the application includes information on city blocks, parcels, address queries and registered works. 
While these facilities are only the initial steps taken within the framework of FatihAR, the application will surely be improved, enhanced with further content and used within a wider scope in the future. 
Sustaining its leading role in the field of informatics, the Municipality of Fatih has added yet another new and distinct dimension to its efforts by utilizing the augmented reality technology. 
FatihAR offers an enriched user interface for facilitated and fast use. It is possible to add new modules or content within a short period of time.

The application is available to everyone who wishes to use it free-of-charge.

FatihAR can be downloaded from Android Market and Apple Store.