Our reply against the founded allegations on Ayvansaray news published on the date of July 27, 2012 of Radikal Gazetesi

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The region consisting of the 2672,2867,2868 and 2869 city blocks in Ayvansaray Street of Fatih District has been announced as renovation area with resolution no 2006/10299 and dated 4/3/2006 of The Council of Ministers. Renovation Preliminary Project which consists of city blocks has been prepared and submitted to the Renovation Areas Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Regional Board which is now repealed, for approval subsequent to the announced as renovation area. Renovation Board has approved the Preliminary Project prepared for the region with resolution no 1604 and dated 6/1/2010.

Upon approval of the Preliminary Project, works begin in the region in line with the Preliminary Project.

 Radikal Gazetesi made news that does not base on facts on the date of 7/27/2012 in relation with the works made in the region and try to bring our Municipality under suspicion. 

It is alleged that there are two Preliminary Projects in the area within the 2869 city block and 12 parcels disputed in the news and zoning of the said parcel is exercised differently to owner and contractor. 

This is absolutely ill-founded allegation and there is no different project from the Preliminary Project approved by the Preservation Board with resolution no. 1604 and dated 6/1/2010. Easement of this parcel is specified as 9.50 m in the Preliminary Project. 

Property owner of the 2869 city block and 12 parcels requested Preliminary Project approved on the basis of the city block from our Municipality with petition number 56969 and dated 12/6/2011 to prepare application project. 

It is alleged that there is an expression that 2869 city block and 12 parcel retract from the Kuyu street in 1.21 mt.due to the fact that it is within the renovation area and it will have H: 6.50 zoning in the reply on the date of 12/15/2011 signed by the Talip TEMİZER, Deputy Mayor of Fatih Municipality in the news. However, It is informed in the referenced petition of the parcel owner in the original letter signed by the Talip TEMİZER Deputy Mayor of Fatih Municipality no 3965 and dated 12/15/2011 that 2869 city block 12 parcel remains in the residential area according to the Approved Preliminary Project; and it will be retract from Kuyu Street by 1.66 mt. and will have H: Ground + two regular floor zoning.

 In addition, frontal view showing the zoning of the parcel in dispute is 9.50 mt. and copy of the status plan belonging to area where 2869 city block 12 parcel situated.

 As you can understand from the original of the letter, the newspaper manifestly mislead regarding the zoning of the parcel and states unreal expression which does not available in the original of the letter. We would like to mention that we are going to start legal proceedings against the addressee of the subject due to giving misleading information regarding the official document on purpose. 

Similarly, owner of the parcel request zoning status with petition no. 2011/14766 and dated 12/27/2011. It is clearly expressed that zoning of the 2869 city block 12 parcel zoning is H: Ground + two regular floor and retract from Kuyu Street by 1.66 mt in the Zoning Status Document no 2012/316 and dated 1/26/2012 of the Development Directorate of Fatih Municipality.

Owner of the parcel prepared Application Projects according to the H: 9.50 mt. in the light of the documents and information set forth above and submit to the Development Project Directorate of Fatih Municipality to be submitted to the Preservation Board.

Development Project Directorate submit said project and annexes to the İstanbul No.II Renovation Areas Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board Directorate with letter no 973 and dated 4/5/2012 for approval of the projects and examination thereof.

It is manifestly seen that the news of the Radikal Gazetesi does not reflect the truth in the event of evaluation of the all information hereinabove. There are no preliminary projects that show zoning of the owner’s building of the 2869 city block 12 parcels are 6.50 mt.

 There are no concrete documents regarding that 6.50 zoning view belonging to which building and approved Preliminary Project as published in the newspaper.

 Building representative prepare application projects according to the H: 9.50 mt. in the light of the documents obtained from our Municipality and submitted to our Municipality. Our Municipality conveyed the projects to the Preservation Board.

 As you can see from the beginning that zoning of the parcel is H: 9.50 mt. in all proceedings. H: 9:50 mt. zoning project presented to the Preservation Board.

 It is understood from the information and documents that newspaper does not reflect the truths and bring our municipality under suspicion on purpose.

We kindly present to the information of the public.