A Cup of Coffee

Date : 13.12.2013 20:00:00
Location : Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center

Prepared by: Aylin ŞENGÜN TAŞÇI – Jale ŞENGÜN

Guest: Aslıhan ERKİŞİ 

A Cup of Coffee program as a tradition in Fatih Municipality activities goes on with Aylin Şengün Taşçı and Jale Şengün’s pretty presentation and valuable guests this year, as well. Program will begin with Aslıhan Erkişi, one of the beautiful voices of Turkish Music and it becomes more amusing with Jale Şengün’s sweet conversation.  Göksel Baktagir (zither), Yurdal Tokcan (oud), Selim Güler (kemancha) and Emrullah Şengüller (cello) take part in this concert with their stringed instruments.