Sirat-i Mustakim and Turkish Association

Date : 13.12.2013 18:00:00
Location : Turkish Center Conference Hall

Speaker: Dr. Nurgül KARAYAZI 

Sirat-i Mustakim started to be published one day after the proclamation of the Second Constitutionalist Period, issued until 1912 up to 183rd issue and it was one of the high level ideal magazines of its period. Among the leading writes of the magazine which was a place for intellectuals from all areas to express their ideas, were Yusuf Akçura and Ahmed Ağaoğlu who would establish Turkish Nation and Turkish Homes later on. First constitution of Turkish Association which is regarded as the starting place of the road that leads to Turkish Nation was published in Sirat-i Mustakim. In addition to these, Sirat-i Mustakim can be considered as one of the highest level representatives of the struggle of an alternative against West and modernism and therefore the Muslim thought. Dr. Nurgul Karayazı will share her vast information on this subject with the listeners.