Battery Recharging Stations in Service

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 16.12.2013
With the battery recharging stations positioned at various points in and around the Historical Peninsula, handicapped citizens are now able to recharge their wheelchair batteries and keep moving without interruption.


For handicapped people who use wheelchairs running on batteries, the risk of getting stuck on their way is always present. While many handicapped citizens normally have to go back home in the middle of a city tour due to flat batteries, they do not have to face this risk on the Historical Peninsula. 

Having realized numerous projects aimed at facilitating the lives of handicapped citizens residing in Fatih and including them in social life more actively, the Municipality of Fatih put in service battery recharging stations for handicapped citizens this time. 


Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality, provided information about the battery recharging stations and pointed out that recharging could be done free of charge at the stations. Mayor Demir noted that the stations were currently available on Sultanahmet Square next to the amphitheatre, in Yeni Park in Eminönü (behind the New Mosque), in Çukurbostan City Park in Fındıkzade and in Çukurbostan City Park in Çarşamba. 

Mayor Demir also added that the battery recharging stations were going to be placed all around the district in the coming months and made available for not only the residents of Fatih but also anyone who happens to be passing by the Historical Peninsula: "A recharging station is able to recharge the batteries of 3 vehicles all at the same time. One can check the battery status via the LED screen on the stations. Recharging their batteries in about 20 minutes to 2 hours, our handicapped citizens do not have to face the risk of getting stuck on their way."