Fatih Refused to Surrender to Snow

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 17.12.2013
The Municipality of Fatih is clearing the streets and avenues of the Historical Peninsula from snow with a total number of 370 personnel through its snow removal activities initiated last night and continued throughout the day.


Snow removal activities initiated by the Municipality of Fatih last night to cushion the blow of the snowfall continue to clear the district of snow. The teams dispatched by the Directorates of Cleaning Services and of Infrastructure and Construction under the Municipality of Fatih are cleaning the snow-covered streets, avenues and slopes of the district with snow removal machinery. In addition, the entrance areas of public buildings, schools and hospitals are being cleared of snow and cleaning activities are carried out in public marketplaces. Stairs that connect the streets are cleared of snow to facilitate descend and ascend.  


Snow removal activities aiming to cushion the blow of snowfall in Fatih are undertaken by a total number of 370 personnel and 30 vehicles. The Directorate of Infrastructure and Construction continue with its road opening and dry-salting works with 90 personnel on shift duty to avoid any blockage on the roads, while the Directorate of Cleaning Services is on duty for 24 hours a day with 280 personnel. 200 tonnes of dry salt are used daily for snow removal activities.


Activities undertaken to free the inhabitants of Fatih and incoming citizens from the negative effect of snowfall are maintained on three zones assigned for the district, namely Haliç, Marmara and Eminönü. Dry-salting and cleaning works are conducted in the area of Fatih Mosque, on Vatan, Fevzi Paşa and Akdeniz Avenues and on the side streets connected to these avenues in the Haliç Zone. Within the borders of the Marmara Zone, snow removal activities are on-going on Millet, Kızıl Elma and Oğuzhan Avenues, in Koca Mustafa Paşa Square and on the side streets. In the Eminönü Zone, which is central to İstanbul, dry-salting and road opening works are undertaken on the main arteries, squares and important locations including Ordu and Divan Yolu Avenues and Sirkeci.


Snow removal and dry-salting works undertaken by the Municipality of Fatih in the district will be continued until snow leaves İstanbul altogether. The inhabitants of Fatih will be able to communicate their suggestions and complaints by calling the hotline number 444 0 176 of the Communication Centre of the Municipality of Fatih (FABİM).

Suggestions and complaints received by FABİM that serves the inhabitants of Fatih 24/7 are forwarded to the Directorates of Cleaning Services and Infrastructure and Construction. Suggestions and complaints are received by the system simultaneously and resolved in the fastest way possible.